Improve your complexion & minimize stress—

When you're too stressed, your body produces more of the cortisol hormone. This may cause a multitude of problems for your body but also for your skin—as if you haven't got enough issues to deal with! 

A side note... vacations can be the worst time to plan on recouping and relaxing. You might be so busy ensuring a perfect family get-together for everyone, or trying to squeeze in enough down time to keep your engine going when you do get back to work, that your body decides to call for help and this is when you get the flu, or a cold, or feel the general effects of stress on your psyche and body. The effects of stress also show up on your skin.

Reduce stress for healthier skin

Stress affects your health and well-being from muscle tension and pain to stomach upset to sleep issues, sadness, and depression to over or under eating to lack of exercise. Telling yourself to snap out of it or take control usually doesn't help. 

Minimizing stress not only improves your life, it improves your complexion. Too much stress increases your production of pore-clogging sebum. So if your pores are feeling the stress—with the resulting icky lumps and bumps that make you want to hide instead of getting out there and meeting people, pursuing goals, having fun, etcetera... it's a good idea to develop and maintain helpful stress-coping mechanisms.

Ways to fight stress

Try the usual prescription of sleep, healthy diet, more exercise (yoga!), relaxation downtime, old movies, a good book, a long walk, and injecting some fun into your life.

And because how you're treating yourself affects your stress levels as well—particularly the guilts if you just can't resist that second trip to the buffet over the hols—try a time out for mindful healthy eating. Stick to fruit and veg for a meal or two—and switch to H20 instead of more eggnog... and feel better fast.  Some superfoods, such as blueberries, are good for you inside and out! The nutrients in blueberries help with splotchy skin, acne, and broken capillaries—more on this!

Staying destressed to keep your body healthy has the added benefit of helping to keep your complexion fresh and lovely. 

p.s. Skin Care Tip: Washing with the WARSH Cloth with water only keeps your complexion fresh and clean and WARSHes away the makeup and oil that jams pores. Don't make the situation worse by using makeup cleansers that add to the sticky build-up and dry out your skin.