Pets are rejuvenating

Experts say that having a pet in your home—whether it’s a dog or a budgie—is good for your health. Even interacting with a friendly animal is a plus. This is one reason therapy dogs have become such a popular part of the landscape—with many making visits to housebound individuals and people in hospitals and retirement or nursing homes. Their visits not only cheer the residents up—they have an actual health benefit.

According to experts—any pet tends to be good for your mental health, especially if you’re living alone. Taking care of the needs of another—making sure they are fed, watered, walked if need be, played with—is good to battle depression, loneliness, and helps to give a sense of purpose, value, and achievement to a person’s day, plus the advantage of companionship.

Dogs are wonderful for your health

Most benefit is believed to come from having a dog—they make excellent companions, require daily walks, provide solace when patted and stroked—and excellent companionship all round. They also assist with socializing, especially if you spend a lot of time alone. Every time you’re out with your ‘best’ friend, you’ll likely find people will stop to smile, pat, and chat—and if they have dogs with them as well, you may find you and your dog making new friends. More about health benefits and dogs.