Laughing is anti-aging:

Studies show that people who enjoy leisure activity and take the time to have fun are likely to be around longer. They are also likely to have lower blood pressure, lower BMI, weigh less, and produce less of the health-damaging stress hormone cortisol, says sharecare. Researchers don't know for sure why adding a little enjoyment to your life has this effect, “but it may simply be that it reduces stress.” A case in point—an awful lot of people who make their living making others laugh live to a ripe old age.  (Bob Hope and George Burns lived to 100—then there's Phyllis Diller... worth a try so keep smiling!)

How does laughter make you live longer?

Apparently, laughter relaxes blood vessels and increases blood flow--by about 22%. Laughing also reduces strain on the heart. Stress, on the other hand, constricts blood flow (by about 35%).

(What laughing does for you-Mayo Clinic). 

Laugh for health reasons

So stop fretting, and start laughing. And if it doesn't come naturally—I Love Lucy is on in the small hours somewhere! Whatever it takes—sharing, caring, and laughing with your favourite people—simply the act of trying to keep a smile on your face, or just beneath the surface, also makes a difference.  A Norwegian study showed that , especially for women, laughing is good medicine. Women who scored high on a humor cognitive component had a 48% less risk of death from all causes.

Talk--it's good for you

“And I don't just mean talk on your phone or email. Make sure you see your friends and talk to your family in person, that you go for lunch with colleagues, and take time outs with friends. How the secret to living longer may be in your social life is the topic of a fascinating TED Talk by Susan Pinker

De-stressing is anti-aging

“I also take the time to begin each day with fitness. Meditating to start the day is also part of my anti-aging routine. It's the perfect way to ease stress and stress reduction helps your skin —and is also physically anti-aging in so many ways.


Cortisol and collagen

“As a skin care expert, I'm always aware of skin health. Too much stress boosts cortisol and cortisol boosts inflammation--and inflammation reduces your collagen. Collagen makes connective tissue and if you're suffering too much stress, this affects collagen and elastin—in effect, your entire body including muscles, tendons, joints—and your skin's 'bounce' or springiness factor suffer from too much stress. So too much stress is not only bad for your health in so many ways—it's not great for your complexion, either. It's collagen that gives your skin that plump and bouncy look. Without it, your skin feels drier. It shows fine lines and wrinkles and accelerates the look of aging.

Collagen Correction cream

Collagen Correction improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Anti-Aging from the outside in!

“Boost your collagen and elastin by doing what you can to make your life stress free from the inside out—and don't forget to apply collagen from the outside to help eliminate any fine lines and signs of stress. (My Black Label epiCARE Collagen Correction is marine-based and good for you... of course!).”


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