Be wary of non-natural complexion products

“I like to talk about my all-natural beauty products and recommend that you only clean your face with water and my best-selling Warsh Cloths... but is there science behind the increased popularity of natural skincare?” Maxine

Absolutely. It's hard to quantify—but our skin is sensitive to what we put on it. Rates of absorption on our face and scalp can be 10 times higher than other parts of the body. We want the anti-aging and antioxidant ingredients in cosmetics to work on the dermis and epidermis—which means we want them to work their way into our skin. In turn, some of these ingredients (and chemical compounds/preservatives etc) work their way into our bodies. This is a good reason to check sell by dates and only use natural skincare. These products are made without preservatives and that means they won't last forever. 

If you choose to use only water (and Warsh Cloths) to wash your face, you're doing your skin and your body a favor by avoiding chemicals, preservatives, and drying compounds that might ease their way, even in minute quantities, into your body and your bloodstream.

The same applies to moisturizers and other treatments you apply to your skin. You might think they're working to fight the battle lines of age—wrinkles, but they might be doing a lot more than you anticipate. FDA and beauty products—more.

If you've ever looked at the shelf life of a face cream sold in a drug or department store, it's likely to be good for a year or two—or even longer. It is chock full of ingredients to enhance the longevity of the product and prevent bacteria, mold, etc. Many of the ingredients in these products are unregulated and include synthetic colors and fragrances, parabens and more.

“So my advice is, next time you buy a cosmetic product that isn't natural consider your health and your well-being.” Maxine

The chemical additives and preservatives in skin creams and lotions can also affect your skin's sensitivity--and it can often be these ingredients that are causing sensitive skin issues and breakouts. This is another reason to go au naturel with the beauty products you apply to your skin.

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