What's new in beauty—

2018, says the experts, is all about simplification—in diet, in our schedules, life in general if we can manage it—and in beauty care. “This I know about,” says Maxine, “since simplification, clean, and natural have been at the core of my growing business since day one!”

Here are three of the top beauty trends for 2018.


These are big this year and Maxine Warsh was one of the first to offer microcurrent ‘face lifts’ and may be the only one offering a professional quality personal care unit, as well as hand-on treatment. She also provides professional training and education/courses.

Microcurrent is gentle and effective at plumping skin and filling in wrinkle lines—and the professional unit, supplied with a DVD and an easy step-by-step manual, won't give you that obvious look you might get from one of the commercial cheap, hand held units that seem to be popping up all over.

“You know someone's not been using a professional level unit when you see  ‘Chipmunk Cheeks.’  My professional use-at-home anti-wrinkle microcurrent unit can be used for just minutes a day and gives very happy results.” Maxine

The popularity of many kinds of non-invasive skin procedures such as microcurrent are rocketing according to industry insiders, says British Vogue.

“I'm so pleased my unit is such a leader in this area. My hands-on treatment and the DIY MiniPRO, so you can give yourself professional microcurrent ‘face lifts’ at home, are trendsetters. With thousands and thousands of treatments to date, I can truly say I love what it does to skin. And if time zipping by is having more of an impact that you would like and you decide to take it up a notch (with MESOTherapy, for example), microcurrent works extremely well with all injectables. Many clients tell me they are able to forget about other procedures or significantly reduce them, or do less surgery they relied on in the past, because of the cumulative plumping effects of microcurrent.” 


Another major trend is clean skincare. This means products without chemicals, preservatives, and with nothing that is bad for you. Clean means without any harmful ingredients. The all-natural skincare beauty products featured in the Black Label epiCare range are good for your skin and you—everything on the ingredient list is recognized and natural and safe—from Glycerin to Ascorbic Acid to Ginger, for example,—three of the ingredients on my clean Vitamin C Toning and Lifting Serum (epiSilk).  If this means they don't last quite as long on your shelf as many of the famous beauty brands, that's a good thing. (Black Label epiCARE has a shelf life that is limited--you can't keep it in your bathroom cupboard for years—this is because it's chem-free, preservative-free, and clean.)


Treating your body with the same natural care as you do your face is another big trend we're already seeing. Slathering on a clean, all-natural moisturizer that you can use anywhere/any time is recommended The Black Label epiCREME is good for your body and can be used on your body, hands, and face if you wish, also. Do it as soon as you step out of the shower or bath and twice a day. if you can. This is important as your skin gets older, especially if you're experiencing the indoor dryness from the bitter winter many of us have been having. A special note, particularly if you're unwell or diabetic—illness, stress, or chronic ailments that affect your health take their toll on your skin. Be sure to moisturize all over to avoid dryness and chafing.

Stay tuned for more Beauty Trends next time!