Improve your complexion 

Stress may cause a multitude of problems for your body— even worsening conditions such as heart disease, Alzheimer's and diabetes— plus stress is bad for your skin. 

Reduce stress for healthier skin

When you're too stressed, your body produces more of the cortisol hormone. Stress affects your health and well-being from muscle tension to stomach upset to sleep issues, depression, over or under-eating and lack of exercise.

Minimizing stress not only improves your day-to-day life, longevity and well-being, it improves your complexion. Too much stress increases your production of pore-clogging sebum. So if your pores are feeling the stress—with the resulting icky lumps and bumps that make you want to hide instead of getting out there and meeting people, pursuing goals, having fun, etcetera... it's a good idea to develop and maintain helpful stress-coping mechanisms.

Ways to fight stress

Try the usual prescription of sleep, healthy diet, more exercise (yoga!), relaxation downtime, old movies, a good book, a long walk, and injecting some fun into your life.

And because how you're treating yourself affects your stress levels —try a time out for mindful healthy eating. Stick to fruit and veg for a meal or two—and switch to H20 instead of sweetened drinks or alcohol... and do yourself some good.  Some superfoods, such as blueberries, are good for you inside and out! The nutrients in blueberries help with splotchy skin, acne, and broken capillaries—more on this!

Staying destressed to keep your body healthy has the added benefit of helping to keep your complexion fresh and lovely. 

p.s. Skin Care Tip: Washing with the WARSH Cloth with water only keeps your complexion fresh and clean and WARSHes away the makeup and oil that jams pores. Don't make the situation worse by using makeup cleansers that add to the sticky build-up and dry out your skin.


Benefits of lifestyle changes

The best anti-aging exercise might be to rewrite your grocery list—and make sure you include healthy items, at least part of the time. If you're worried about your health or showing signs of fatigue, shortness of breath, the urge to become a couch potato, etc... maybe you need a lifestyle change. 

Diet and exercise are two of the top ways—and both, singly or together, can affect the possibility of contracting diseases from cancer to cardiovascular to diabetes. 

Popular weight loss diets

Popular diets are always popping up and what may be a new one to you is the Keto Diet. This low carb diet allows lots of good stuff (such as protein and higher fat products) and may be the one to make the difference to you.  

Best exercise choice

But whether you choose the Keto, Mediterranean, DASH, or any of the other diets, exercise should also be part of your lifestyle improvement. Regardless of if your preference is cardio workouts, yoga, pilates— you're probably aiming to improve strength, balance, flexibility, endurance, lose weight, develop muscle mass, lower stress levels —or all of the above.  But for anti-aging exercise that seems to work at the cellular level, the best choice may be to add High-Intensity Interval Training to whatever else you're doing. 

Many of us think of HIIT as a great way to rev up our metabolism and keep burning calories after we've stopped to get max value from our exercise time. But if you want to not only look younger but feel younger—and, they say, help your body be younger—the best value may be with high intensity, which made the older participants cells in this limited study resemble those of younger people.  

Is this the fountain of youth?

High-intensity training could be the fountain of youth. Bursts of moderate and high-intensity training exercise seemed to reduce “many age-related differences in elderly participants' mitochondria”—see ABC Report.

The Mayo Clinic study showed that HIIT is great for “reversing the declining ability of our cells to generate energy,” according to the New Scientist. Declining mitochondria may aggravate fatigue and contribute to developing diabetes. HIIT subjects also saw surges in heart, lung, and circulation health.

You don't have to run to boost your exercise levels—depending on your fitness level you may want to look at indoor rowing, the elliptical trainer, water running, or indoor cycling. Whatever you do, read all about it first and be sure to check with your doctor—then start your anti-aging regime from the inside out!

“When I'm 64”—On Looking Good and Feeling Great

 This is the year—

You’re probably humming a popular Beatles tune by now. It seems shocking, but this is the year it will be accurate when I sing along, “Will you still need me…when I’m 64?”

It’s no mistake that I went into the anti-aging business. This choice was an extension of how I lived my life. Always nutrition and diet conscious, always an exercise enthusiast, and makeup lover—the only business I could be in is one that's all about how to look good and feel great!

Anti-aging Toolbox

I’d never say that I still see the same woman in the mirror as when I started, nor that I always like what I see as my numbers increase. But why criticize when I have a fabulous box of tools? I like to do what works—from diet to exercise to anti-aging disciplines, And I like to l share my regime as I make the necessary changes, so here are some of my favorite things to do leading up to “when I'm 64.”


  • Meditate every morning for 45-60 minutes (ongoing 24 years!)
  • Exercise 3 times a week for 45 minutes with weights
  • Drink Fire Water: 1 TBSP fresh lemon juice, 1 pinch cayenne pepper, 1 TBSP honey. Add 12 oz. boiling water, mix, and sip. I have two a day.
  • Coffee, then breakfast of a smoothie of mixed fruit and veggies, or fresh fruit and yogurt. Often I eat fruit crumble topped with yogurt. (see recipe below!)
  • Enjoy a leisurely bath in a tub of essential oils (See the Aromatherapy Beauty Guide) My favorite oils to bathe with are either Patchouli, Sandalwood, or Lavander and I always add Epsom salts and a carrier oil to the bath water.
  • Of course, I always wash (Warsh!) my face with the Warsh Cloth for Her
  • I give myself a daily feather treatment with my own Microcurrent MDXminiPro (designed for use at home and available here!) and also feather in my own  Maxine Warsh Collagen Correction Black Label product—for 5-8 minutes. (It works wonders!)
  • Then I put on the day's makeup (As I age, I need more illumination. I like Illumalift Brightener and Concealer so much I started carrying this breakthrough makeup for my clients.)

As I seek more help to keep the youthful glow, I use the best experts in all related fields of natural anti-aging and introduce them to my clients. This year I introduced Dr. Biba to add Mesotherapy to the range of services. (For when you need a little more of an anti-aging boost, and if you're in the Toronto area—try Collagen MesoTherapy Lifts). The skin loves the collagen boost and the microcurrent maintains the long-lasting effects. Dr. Biba is also offering hyaluronic fillers when necessary. So subtle and oh so helpful...never say never! I love my work.

After work, I concentrate on the favorite part of my life, my husband. I love taking care of him and we both like our evenings together. While we try to eat our largest meal at lunch time, I concentrate on dinner with a healthy imagination and think about weight control. What we eat in the evening depends on what we had for lunch and whether we’re working out the next morning. Dinner is usually light and nutritious consisting of a salad as a meal or side dish, protein, and veggies. (I like to make cauliflower pizza--stay tuned for that great and healthy recipe--coming soon!)

And there’s always room for dessert!

Recipe: Healthy Berries Plus

  • Add a large amount of mixed berries to a baking dish
  • Top with 2/3 cup of almond flour, 1 heaping cup of oats, 3 heaping TBSP's coconut oil, 1/3 cup of maple syrup.
  • Mix this topping and coat the berries.
  • Bake in a 350 oven for 30 minutes.
  • Eat as a dessert and for breakfast. I often add nuts, seeds, and raisins as a topping.

“I don’t believe in “Beauty Secrets.” I believe in sharing since I love seeing everyone looking and feeling their best.” Maxine Warsh






Tips for easier shaving, exfoliating and healthy skin for men.

Tips for easier shaving, exfoliating and healthy skin for men.

“I offer the same advice to men as I do for women,” says skin care expert Maxine Warsh. “Treat yourself with goodness from the inside out and don't 'wear out' your skin by using chemicals and cleansers that overdry. Shaving creams also overdry and they are full of chemicals—so that's an excellent reason to use water only as part of your face cleaning routine. Give your face a good wash (WARSH!) before and after shaving and use the Warsh Cloth for Men (of course).

Reenergize your face

“Even plain old soap dries your face out—and it ages your skin. Add to this the effects of shaving and... wow. The deck is stacked. So this is why my best suggestion is to use only water for a clean fresh face! Use plain H2O and the WARSH Cloth for Men before and after your shave—and last thing at night or whenever you start to feel grimy. It will clean you up fast without weakening your skin and you'll not only look great but feel great.”

Diet tips for men's skin

Other advice that's applicable to helping your skin from the inside out is to eat the best diet you can. “I don't mean 16-ounce steaks or recommend carb-happy plates every day. Do what your mom probably told you to when you were at her kitchen table, and overdose on fruit and veg—as many as you can, as multicoloured as you can, and whenever you can.”  If your family or partner isn't already on some variation of the Mediterranean or Dash diet—do it quick. Not only does it benefit overall body health from digestion to circulation and helps everyone fight diseases including cancers, but skin health and feel improves. And it gives tone to the way you look—making skin vibrant and helping it and you to feel and stay youthful. 

How does The Warsh Cloth work?

The WARSH Cloth exfoliates to keep skin fresh while you wash (WARSH!), and it's anti-bacterial, plus it's environmentally-friendly. You can keep reusing it after washing (WARSHing it) for up to three months. It's slightly larger than the standard WARSH Cloth.

There's a reason people call this “The Little Miracle Worker.” Your face will think it has discovered a miracle—you'll see and feel a difference when you can scrub away grime and pore-cloggers with the WARSH Cloth for Men and only water.

Best Makeup Ever!

Before Botox there was makeup!

Before Botox and other wonder injectables, all we had was makeup to disguise our skin flaws and the aging process. 

Then we had the challenge of finding the makeup that suited our specific needs.  We all know that process!

Well, I finally found it and I'm over the moon to launch with my products what I believe to be the BEST makeup, primer, and illuminating products I have ever experienced...Illumalift and Boxx Cosmetics have satisfied all the needs all skin types could ask for PLUS it's good for your skin with its high level of skin caring ingredients.

I am very happy to align my beliefs about skin care with Sandra Milligan, founder of Illumalift and Boxx Cosmetics. Helping clients effectively maintain beautiful skin with the aid of these two wonderful products is a fantastic process. 

If you're in the neighborhood: Please join us at our Annual Fall Closet & Trunk Sale on October 15 and meet Sandra to try on these new skin enhancement products!  And don't forget to have a look when you're in for treatment— IllumaLift is now available at the office!

ANNUAL FALL CLOSET & TRUNK SALE: October 15th at my studio— noon to 5:00

Illumalift: to brighten and perfect

Check out the Before and Afters!

The natural skin care Take It Up a Notch Starter Kit offers what you need for that moist, plump look when you need a little more rejuvenation!

The natural skin care Take It Up a Notch Starter Kit offers what you need for that moist, plump look when you need a little more rejuvenation!

Recommended Skin Care Treatment: Wash with the Warsh Cloth, apply our all-natural epiCARE products. If you're new to the line, I recommend the Fall and Winter Natural Skin Care Starter Kit (now 20% off!)  or the new Kick It Up a Notch Natural Skin Care Kit—everything you need for that moist plump look when you need a little more rejuvenation!

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How to Work Smarter



Continuously adding more items to our To Do lists isn't the route to well being. You don't have to follow through on every idle plan or half-baked project—you don't have to learn French or how to skydive—unless you really want to. Follow Arianna's Huffington's advice in The Third Metric: assess your tasks and then drop them if they're not that important. This frees time and leaves more energy for what is most important to you. This includes family, friends, and following your own muse. Do you need creative time? Sports time? More nap time? Take it. You can say no.

The key word here is YOU. We don't like to think of ourselves as quitters. So we go on and on, sticking to tasks long after we've lost motivation. Or we may be working so much overtime that life has lost its  pleasure. Many of us forget that “life is not a dress rehearsal.” A weekend spent staring at your iPad instead of with your friends or family—is still a weekend that's gone forever.


Saying no should be enough when other people press--or your silent worrier self does. Stop making excuses or thinking up reasons. No is sufficient.  This is another take home from Arianna Huffington: NO is a sentence. Women tend to say, “No, because...”  Men rarely do.   However high we may have advanced career-wise, most of us still say, “No, because..., as in, No, I can't finish that project at home tonight because my laptop is on the fritz plus all four kids have flu...” Try just saying no.

Work smarter instead of harder or longer or more—this may be the best route to the top for women, says Arianna H.

On Changing Direction
“I was very interested by the idea that dropping a project can be the way forward,” says skin care expert Maxine Warsh. “I've been guilty of letting distractions get in the way of what I really want to do. You don't have to batter your brains out trying to finish or learn something you no longer have time or need for—simply stop doing it. I'm so aware of the value of being aware and incorporating all the elements that help you live a better life, feel better and, of course, look better.... sometimes, it's simply making the right choices (big and small!) that plays the key role in your well-being.”

Work for you instead of your boss: quick training on a light budget from Maxine Warsh to become an anti-aging practitioner!

Appeared first in



What foods are good for your skin?

Is there an “anti-aging healthy skin” diet?

These great-for-you anytime foods are what the experts recommend for hydrating from the inside out. Mostly, the foods that are on the good-for-you list for health also help your skin AND make a great anti-aging diet. The list includes salmon, avocado, olive oil, spinach and leafy greens, nuts/seeds, fruit (of course!) and eggs. For more on why you should eat anti-aging foods:  StyleList.


bowlsCopyright- <a href=''>aopsan : 123RF Stock Photo<:a>.jpg

Other foods that should be on your menu that are good for your skin (and your hair!), making you look and feel fit and healthier from the inside out are dark chocolate, walnuts, the ever-popular spinach, lentils, flax and chia seeds, and berries. According to The Huffington Post, berries “are loaded with anti-inflammatory agents and vitamins that help protect you from premature aging.” They are also great at battling illnesses and packed with Vitamin C, which not only keeps skin firm but is used by your body to form collagen.

Chocolate (or raw cacao) has flavonoids to fight free radicals and protect your skin from UV damage and wrinkles and fine lines.

For facts you might not know about berries--such as if bananas, kiwi fruit, and lychees are classed as berries, and which are the most beneficial... Elderberries is #1, followed by blackberries, and ... tomatoes? Read up.

Causes of wrinkles and aging

A BBC report on eating your way to fabulous skin summarizes the main causes of wrinkles and skin aging and pinpoints damage from the sun, strong soaps, chemicals, and poor nutrition as the main culprits, and recommends antioxidant rich fruit and veg with beta carotene, vitamins C and E, zinc and selenium.

(Using the Warsh Cloth with water only to clean your complexion eliminates two of those factors immediately!)

Fighting acne

To fight acne, cutting back on processed/junk foods and hydrogenated and saturated fats is recommended, says the BBC. Try to eat more selenium-rich foods such as Brazil and walnuts, cashews, fresh tuna, sunflower seeds, and wholemeal bread. More.

Use the Warsh Cloth at least twice a day to clean your complexion of all makeup and grime for best results. 

Use the Warsh Cloth at least twice a day to clean your complexion of all makeup and grime for best results. 

“I agree,” says Maxine, “and washing with the Warsh Cloth (we also have one for acne) and only water will, of course, also help to fight a variety of skin problems—from aging to acne.”




By the time you’re 25, the ATP that fuels muscles is starting to diminish. Muscles begin to lose tone and skin starts to sag—and that means all over. Your face needs help inside and out starting about now if you want to keep looking your best—so make sure you use lots of water—inside and out—drink it and also use only water to wash (WARSH!) your face. This means not using chemical cleansers that will dry your skin. After you've washed away the day's grime and makeup (with a WARSH Cloth, of course), don't forget to moisturize, and always with a preservative-free, natural cream.

“If you're starting to notice wrinkles, crinkles, and perhaps even sags (!) I always recommend cosmetic microcurrent, which I've specialized in for over a decade.

OVER 12,000 MAXINE WARSH clients rely on Cosmetic Microcurrent —commonly known as The Electric Face Lift— to look great (and feel marvelous!). But now there’s an innovative expansion I'm making available to take it up a notch.

Available with the Microcurrent MAX Lift and Quick Lift, I'm offering the popular European clinical Meso MAX Lift.


This innovative treatment combines the skin plumping benefits of Microcurrent with the popular European clinical treatment of Mesotherapy.


Non-surgical and minimally invasive, Mesotherapy unites what is sometimes called facial acupuncture to the mesoderm with the anti-wrinkle and toning/tightening benefits of HA or Hyaluronic Acid.  

The result is that the skin hydrates from the inside out, for elasticity and to fill, firm, and smooth.

●           For naturally beautiful, plump and resilient skin— choose the Microcurrent MAX Lift treatment.

●           For the targeted benefits of non-allergenic and minimally invasive filler, choose the Meso Max Lift, which unites Microcurrent and Mesotherapy. 

Give me a call to discuss--and to make an appointment for a consultation with the medical practitioner on Friday, for an in-office treatment. If you'd like to invest in your own microcurrent treatment for a DIY treatment wherever you are—let me know. Our 15th anniversary sale is now on!


Work for yourself—quick start career

If you've ever thought of starting your own business or would like to launch an exciting new career at minimum cost, consider being in the anti-aging business and training with Maxine Warsh.

“I've always believed that we should aim to be whatever we can be—and if that means leaving your old job (or your old boss!) behind and relying on yourself for success, I like to do all that I can to help. I've developed a quick train program so you can be giving hands-on anti-aging treatment to clients in weeks. I've made the equipment accessible—with user-friendly pricing and a rent-to-own option.” Maxine

Become an Anti-Aging Expert
In two weeks, and for a very “budget-conscious budget—you can be ready to work for yourself or start a business from home in the growing beauty industry. Of if you're already in a service industry, such as a spa or beauty salon, you can add it to your back of tricks or beauty services.

  • Become an anti-aging specialist in a very exciting, people-friendly small business.
  • Work for yourself in weeks
  • Or expand your salon/spa service into this lucrative field
  • It’s easy to get going!

“Please contact me or give me call for more information and so we can get to know each other.” Maxine


Anti-aging tips for your skin—

Don't let the weather age you. Some days it feels like it's wrinkling and crinkling--we all know that summer sunshine is not great for your skin but neither is a hot and dry office or winterized home (fall isn't far away!). There are simple ways to take care of your skin from the inside out.

Water, water, water

Drink lots and lots of liquid—preferably water.  Everyone still recommends 8 glasses a day if you can do it. Tea and other liquids help, too!

You've probably noticed that your skin feels more springy when there's more humidity. This doesn't mean you can relax. Always wear a high SPF sunscreen outside in the summer and, even if you're in a damp climate, still moisturize often.

Sun damage when driving

Some people don't know that skin can still suffer sun damage through glass--in front of windows or when you're driving in winter and summer—so use an  SPF cream on all exposed skin. When you're outside, wear a hat whenever you can.

 In the winter, think humidifier. Even a small unit in the bedroom will help you to avoid the long-term effects of weather and dryness on your skin. 

The best anti-aging tip is to exercise. Being on the go more often than you're sitting helps to make sure all your cells and functions are in motion. Nowadays experts recommend never stay sitting longer than an hour at a time but many of the latest studies say no longer than 10 minutes--even if you just stand up and wriggle. Even a short stretch period (the 7th inning stretch) serves an excellent purpose to keep your muscles active and functioning and blood flowing.

So exercise, exercise, and exercise to battle aging— get up off the couch or your chair often to get a drink of water. Take a peek outside or talk about the weather. Chat with your colleagues or neighbors—any excuse to get up and move

Maintaining activity is a disease fighter—from cancers to cardiovascular. And research shows that social activity of any kind may help prevent dementia and with depression. The combination of exercise and social interaction is excellent—so keep moving and start talking for anti-aging benefits—to your body, skin, and mental condition.

How to moisturize for anti-aging

The all-natural skincare product range from Maxine Warsh. 

The all-natural skincare product range from Maxine Warsh. 

Use mucho moisturizers—on your face and your body. Slather it on while you're still damp dry—just blot your skin lightly with a towel and then use your lotions and potions.

It's a good idea to keep a body cream or moisturizer next to the shower or bath, so you can give your skin a drink each and every time you emerge. I recommend my all-natural epiCARE™ range of skincare products (of course!). 

Also, don't forget to exfoliate regularly—this deep cleanses your skin and makes it more receptive to moisturizers.

Hint— “This is another excellent reason to use the  WARSH Cloth twice daily for a healthy complexion—because it's a natural exfoliant. Not only will it clean your skin of makeup and grime.  All you need is water for a fresh, receptive skin and cleaning with only water means you're not adding cleanser or soap chemicals that dry out your face. Your complexion will thank you for it... and so will the planet.”



Avoid these exercises

Exercise and aging

Exercise is good for us—but too much of the wrong type can have serious and long term repercussions. Most of us know that jogging is hard on the knees and lower joints  (for starters). This is especially important to remember if you want to stay active at every age. Too much standing and walking can contribute to heel spurs and other issues. Also try to avoid sit-ups. Harvard Medical School says that, for a harder core, we should skip sit-ups and crunches, which can harm your back. Stick to the plank.

Check out  exercises to avoid, which includes crunches (yeah!), upright rows, and even the seated hip-abductor machine. These trainer favorites are not always as good for us as we like to believe.

Expensive sports injuries

Natural skin care moisturizers

Check out the Maxine Warsh all-natural skin care product range.

No preservatives or chemicals.

Recouping from sports injuries can not only be painful but expensive and the physio you may need can lead to further problems. A New Zealand study showed that, over a five-year reporting period of a group of insurance claimants receiving physiotherapy reported in the Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Injury, claims attributed to exercise were related to physiotherapy in 31.5% of cases and to manual therapy in 26.5% of cases. Oops.

So choose your physiotherapist well, on the recommendation of a doctor preferably, and check their professional affiliations.


And to give your face a good wash after your workout? The miracle worker WARSH Cloth should be in your gym bag!

p.s. And if your kids (sorry, young adults!) will soon be heading back to school—or if any of your family are traveling, where sticking to a healthy diet that's also good for your complexion may fall victim to the temptations of eating out or fast food. . . keep everyone's complexions in good shape and pack The WARSH Cloth for Her, for Acne, for Teens, and for Men.

Any baby parents on your list? The WARSH Cloth for Baby makes an excellent shower gift and they're all great for stocking stuffers (if you're thinking ahead)!





Rejuvenate your complexion

How can you rejuvenate your complexion?

Can you see a loss of tone in your complexion?

If you're noticing a double chin or saggy neck, the best thing to do asap is start exercising. The experts say that another surprising method that seems to work to ward off a double chin is to chew gum... the muscle action works to tighten sagging muscles.

Remedial for skin sun damage

If you're starting to see signs of wrinkles (they can show up anywhere or everywhere') or a saggy skin on your neck and decolleté areas, it's never too late to try some toning and tightening exercise.

Treatment for a saggy neck

If you're interested in treatment to plump up those fine lines and give you a new fresh loo, I (of course!) recommend the cosmetic micro current “Electric Face Lift”. ... I offer this to Toronto customers or you can purchase my DIY micro current unit.

Non-invasive Microcurrent Lifts are perfect to refresh and plump skin if you want to blur the wrinkles. Do it at home (with Maxine Warsh equipment!) or make an appointment if you're near Toronto to try it out.

Janice Dean copy.jpg

Read the fine print before trying lasers, says Fox personality 

Many people may be inclined to try different approaches such as some of the new laser treatments and often think there is no downside--if it's available, it must be approved and safe. But this isn't always the case and there can be issues with new anti-aging skin treatments. Janice Dean of Fox TV decided to look into what she could do to improve the look of her neck—she was 46 and in front of the cameras and, for women, however much we might wish it wasn't so—a youthful and fresh appearance does still seem to matter in the public perception. Janice Dean recounts what happened when she forgot to read the fine print and ended up with a face “puffed out like a chipmunk” and other issues that kept her away from work and the camera.

“This is why I like microcurrent so much--it's non-invasive and has no side effects except improvement. Whether you do it yourself with my equipment or in my office you can trust the treatment not to leave you hiding from the world, with the glow and confidence to get out there and enjoy it!” Maxine

p.s. I also offer training and professional-standard micro current equipment if you'd like to become an anti-aging specialist yourself and go into business. It's one of the least pricey and fastest ways I know to start your own beauty business... and begin to create a great life for yourself!

Call (or email) to make your appointment for treatment or to learn how to DIY with professional guidance or for more info!

WARSH Cloth for Her, the miracle makeup remover. All you need is water!

WARSH Cloth for Her, the miracle makeup remover. All you need is water!


Chemicals and skin allergies

There's been a lot of publicity lately after a report, originally in the UK Telegraph, that chemicals in household products, skin creams, cosmetics and related products may be responsible for an epidemic of skin allergies. The preservative—known as MI—is used in a wide range of products, from shampoos, moisturizers and shower gels.” It's also in many makeup and baby wipes.

It's believed that the chemical is second after nickel in causing contact allergies, says The Telegraph. Contact dermatitis and eczema are reported as the most common results. Avoid MI whenever you can.

How to avoid dermatitis

Contact dermatitis is defined by the National Eczema Association as inflammation of the skin and is caused because your skin fails to retain water. Solutions recommended by the NEA include not using soap and avoiding cleansers, especially when outbreaks occur. Many skincare experts advise not to use soap or cleansers full of chemicals on your complexion—ever—and the message is starting to be heard. “I'm so proud of my Black Label epiCARE range of natural beauty products—which are natural and preservative and chemical-free. They are good for you!” Maxine

Saving the skin from dermatitis

“I'm also very pleased that The WARSH Cloth does such a marvelous job of cleaning your complexion with water only. That means no chemicals to strip your skin, yet you get a lovely fresh and clean feel and in exfoliates while it works,” 

“This may be one reason it's so popular—because it doesn't dry out your skin as cleanser chemicals do. People love the result. And also—as we now know—The WARSH Cloth doesn't contribute to the flare up or development of allergies. It leaves a clean palette for the addition of moisturizers and other treatments.”

Avoid baby wipes and chemicals

The situation with baby wipes is equally as ominous, with chemicals said to cause dryness, irritation, and allergies—exactly the issues you want to avoid with a baby or toddler. The Baby WARSH Cloth works in the same way, with water only, for cleaning, swishing round all the tender folds and nooks and crannies around baby's arms, legs, neck, and elsewhere.
It doesn't cause allergies or dryness—and helps avoid these issues.

Check out our online Skincare Shop.


Natural skin care

from Maxine Warsh!

Enter our “Why You Love The Warsh Cloth” Contest

Is that makeup on your face?

Then you're probably not using The Warsh Cloth to clean your complexion—because The Warsh Cloth cleans away makeup and grime (and exfoliates!) using water only.

“Because I truly believe the Warsh Cloth is the best way to clean your face of makeup (and a lot of people are starting to agree with me!) I want to do everything I can to help spread the word.

So I'm running a contest!

“Let me know how much you love your Warsh Cloth on a short (60 seconds or even less is fine) video or in writing and why.

“We'll enter your name in a contest to win a free Warsh Cloth for Her pack of six plus my entire epiCARE Black Label natural skin care product line!” Maxine

Email me with your testimonial or video by Wednesday, August 9th or send a link where you've posted it! (Use the form below or email to send your video.)

The winner will be chosen at random (from one of Maxine's hats...) and announced at the end of August when this super prize package will be awarded.

p.s. Don't forget to watch your inbox for news of other contests and offers and health, anti-aging, and complexion tips. When you enter, your name will be added to our mailing list if you're not already on it—this will never be shared and you can, of course, take yourself off at any time! (But I hope you won't!)

Name *
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Please include testimonial or link to it. Or send your video—and thank you for entering! Good luck!


How to hide puffy eyelids—

Is your complexion showing the signs of too many late nights?

Repairing the ravages of too much of a good thing or reducing the look of aging is surprisingly easy, says makeup artists.

Do you use eyeliner only on your bottom lid? Is your foundation not really the best choice for you? How can you turn back the clock?

Is light eye shadow better?

We tend to think that lighter is better, but that isn't always the case with makeup. The simple answer is no—lighter is not better when you're trying to hide the signs of too many late nights or not enough sleep.

Celebrity makeup artist Lisa Eldridge, who has worked with Vanessa Redgrave and Sandra Bullock has shared a number of makeup tips to look younger in the Daily Mail. Choose the right foundation and blusher and, if you're older, don't put blusher on the apple of your cheeks but brush up and out. Other tips include don't use powder puffs and how to restore definition to your eyebrows. 

And don't forget to clean it all away before you go to sleep at night.

“This is extremely important,” says complexion expert Maxine Warsh. “I can't emphasize it enough. Otherwise your makeup settles and clogs your pores and that's the least of it. I recommend the WARSH Cloth (of course!) to remove makeup and grime with water only--and we're still offering free shipping when you order over $65!”

A number of famous faces are also strong believers in washing with water only--apparently  Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, uses a face flannel (the Brit term for a wash cloth) and this may be the trick to her glowing complexion say the experts! 

Click: Makeup video on how to make older eyes look fresh from Lisa Eldridge.

Kate uses water and a face flannel--is this the secret?

From the Daily Mail

This Week at Miss World Canada

We participate at or sponsor a number of events throughout the year and are very pleased to be a sponsor at this year's Miss World Canada.

“I love having the opportunity to meet so many lovely and charming people and to introduce the Miss World Canada candidates to the fantastic benefits of The Warsh Cloth!”

Thanks to Miss World Canada candidate Kayla Truax for such a great testimonial!

“As a beauty pageant girl, makeup is very important and so is a nice, clean, exfoliated, acne-free face! I found it extremely hard to always have makeup on and to stay away from harsh chemicals that would age and be harsh on my skin when removing it and trying to accomplish all of the above.

“Thankfully I tried the Warsh Cloth and fell in love! It's extremely easy to use; just put it under some warm water and start removing your makeup/sweat, etc! It works the first time, and not to mention, it's ECO-friendly AND saves you money in the long run! I highly suggest the Warsh Cloth as it ACTUALLY works to remove makeup, exfoliate, and to do SO much more!”


Kayla Truax


How to tone and even out your skin naturally—

  “So excited to share my latest Natural Beauty Tip—Apple Cider Vinegar!  Using Apple Cider Vinegar as a toner to balance the Ph in skin is an excellent idea-not only is my skin smoother and softer, but I actually notice that it's more toned and even. Treatment is simple. I wash (WARSH!) my face with a WARSH Cloth, of course. This exfoliates and cleans away makeup and grime with only water. Then I just dab a cotton ball with ACV and wipe my face, neck, and dec. Then I moisturize.”

What about drinking apple cider vinegar?

“After reading about the benefits of ACV, I tried drinking it, too. Not straight up...I mix 1 tsp of organic ACV with 1 tsp of honey in a cup of hot water for an evening beverage. (The key may be that I shared the tip with my mother and have started an ACV with Mother routine!) My system is alkaline and I have more energy. I love this product! Hope you do, too!” Maxine

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Benefits of apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar (according to articles in Reader's Digest and elsewhere!) has a lot of wonderful health and other benefits, besides enhancing your skin's tone and clarity. See how and why it works.
It's fantastic for digestion— apple cider vinegar helps with tummy troubles, prevents indigestion, cures hiccups, soothes sore throats, could lower cholesterol, clears a stuffy nose, aids weight loss, gets rid of dandruff, clears acne, boosts energy, reduces night leg cramps, battles bad breath, whitens teeth, and helps control blood sugar…
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Great Skin Foods #6

Why you should make cumin part of your diet

Cumin—found in chili and curries and many other spicy dishes—not only tastes great, it is an aid to digestion, and may help battle various diseases from diabetes to colon cancer and even the common cold. The so-called “fat-burning spice” has anti-fungal and microbial/disinfectant properties and, of course, the seeds are loaded with antioxidants like vitamin E. Cumin--in seed and powder form— is full of calcium, iron and magnesium and has long been used in traditional medicines around the world. 


Anti-Inflammatory cumin

The spice that helps to give chilli and curries their tasty flavors can also help prevent signs of aging like sagging, brown or age spots, and wrinkles, so it's good for your skin from the inside out. It's an anti-inflammatory and helps as a prevention against cancer and other life threatening diseases such as heart and circulation problems.

 If you're pre-diabetic (or worried about becoming so!) or interested in losing weight for other reasons, be sure to spice it up with cumin! Research shows that cumin seeds help to regulate blood sugar. Cumin as part of a diet may help prevent diabetes development and is useful to treat those with diabetes. It is also been shown to be helpful in weight loss, decreasing body fat, and naturally lowering cholesterol levels.

The six foods (and spices!) we've covered in this series of Great Skin Foods # 1-6 alone don’t guarantee a wonderful complexion. Nothing replaces a great skincare routine and a healthy lifestyle. But including them in your usual diet will be a great first step to healthy, glowing skin!

And the next step should be using the Warsh Cloth every day to wash (Warsh!) your face with water only to give your skin a fresh start every time you clean it. Rejuvenate with Maxine Warsh.


The key to a flawless complexion

Clean your face with water

According to beauty and makeup artist Arabella Preston, adviser to Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, a face cloth to wash your face should be your number one priority.  

“I couldn't agree more,” says Maxine. It sounds like Kate is a strong believer in what the Brits call “flannels” or wash cloths to clean her complexion. (we like Warsh Cloths and wonder if she's tried them--they're perfect to clean and leave you with a fresh face, plus they exfoliate at the same time, and all you need is water). 

Celebs and the 'caveman' routine

Many dermatologists and skin care experts, including Maxine Warsh, believe in not using anything stronger than water on your face for cleansing. Celebs from Salma Hayek to Kirsten Dunst to Lady Gaga say they don't use chemicals to wash their complexions (at least some of the time!) if they can help it, report style magazines. In fact, the 'caveman/woman?' routine, which is growing in popularity, advises never using chemicals or cleansers of any kind, including moisturizers and even makeup.

ˆI definitely wouldn't go that far, but I would avoid cleansers and stick to water only as this does cause dryness. Instead, gently wash (Warsh!) with water only and one of my cloths. It doesn't dry out or aggravate your complexion in any way and is good for it, in fact. It clears away the makeup and grime, even eye makeup, and gives a thorough clean without drying out or leaving a chemical residue with water only.  Cleansers contain harsh chemicals and preservatives and this can play mayhem with your PH balance and leads to over-drying of your skin and wrinkles!
Using water only leaves your skin fresh and clean ready to be moisturized. I suggest using my Collagen Correction before you do as it really helps to prepare an absorbent base and helps the moisturizer to work as it should.”  Maxine
katepost copy.jpg

Beauty Tip:

Kate's beauty guru says her lovely complexion is due to using a “flannel”-- i.e. a face cloth! We suggest the Warsh Cloth!

Don't increase your wrinkle factor

There are all sorts of chemicals that irritate the complexion, are carcinogenic, dry your skin out and thus increase the wrinkle factor, or cause breakouts. These occur in beauty and other common products found around the house (more on house cleansers later!). Some of are covered in a Huffington Post article including parabens and phthalates (in moisturizers) and sodium lauryl sulfate (body washes and cleansers) plus propylene glycol (moisturizers and sunscreen, makeup, shampoo and hairspray...) 

p.s. Warsh Cloths also last for months. Wash (Warsh!) the cloths with soap and water to keep them at their best--but use water only on you to keep your complexion at its best.

Great Skin Foods # 5

Why you should eat more nuts and seeds

If you eat only fish for your omega 3 fats, you may be missing out. Seeds and nuts are an excellent source and one of the best plant-based solutions for ALA Omega 3’s. Walnuts have 2.7 grams in a quarter cup… Omega-3s are great for heart health—and they can help make your skin stronger and more flexible. This means it is more resistant to sagging and wrinkles.

We tend to think of nuts and seeds as high calorie and high fat, but experts say because they contain protein, fibre, and anti-oxidants and plant stanols to control cholesterol, they definitely should be a part of a healthy diet.

Nuts may help you to lose weight—

Research also shows that a handful of nuts and seeds daily—full of vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats— fights inflammation and is good for your heart health, your brain(!) and your tummy. It may even lead to weight loss. This sounds counter-intuitive, but the benefits of nuts (protein, fibre etc.) in filling you up may make you eat less of unhealthy other foods.  Read all about it!

Walnuts are one of my favorite snacks! Maxine

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To make an immediate change to help your complexion—start using The Warsh Cloth to clear away makeup and grime with water only. We call it The Little Miracle Worker for a reason!