What does olive oil do for your skin?

As we know, olive oil is fantastic in your diet—and it's also a great addition to skin care (and that's why it's used in a number of Maxine Warsh natural skin care products). It contains Vitamin E and antioxidants to fight free radical damage and is extremely hydrating and moisturizing.

For extra soft skin, try a tiny drop of the real stuff (but not too much!) now and again on your body's dry spots and massage in gently (remember, less is more!). A teensy tiny drop massaged gently into the delicate skin around the eye area also can be especially hydrating—and next time you're in the kitchen... massage a dab of olive oil into your cuticles to help soften and strengthen nail growth.  Read more on olive oil.

Note: Harvard Public Health recommends you substitute olive oil and make your own salad dressings as a matter of course for your heart health... take little steps to Age Less! 


Every week, we post a new anti-aging tip. Stay’tuned!

Hair slanted to the side and layered is anti-aging, and also tends to hide any wrinkles and crinkles, plus makes the main focus your eyes.

Fill in gaps along your brows—-the best choice is a formula that is between a pencil and a powder. Another great tip is to use a little castor oil--apparently, it's believed to stimulate growth for thicker, fuller brows. (Let me know if it works for you! -Maxine)

Celebrity hairstylist Paul Labrecque says he “recommends that clients always finish with a cold rinse. This will lock in a good conditioning and help infuse shine.”

Facial wipes are full of chemicals and preservatives and dry out your skin. “I always recommend Warshing with the Warsh Cloth, of course! Carry one with you for emergency use during these hot and muggy days and save your skin—but whatever you do, avoid the astringency of facial wipes.” Maxine

Squinting, frowning, and other excessive movements adds to your wrinkle factor. Always wear sunglasses when you're out of doors- or driving in daylight-and preferably not with metal frames, which reflect the sun on your face, and the larger the better. “And wear a hat for good measure (if you don't happen to be carrying a surfboard) and extra protection--and size matters! Wide brims are best.” Maxine

Vitamin C is a natural collagen booster— eat more fruit and veggies to naturally boost collagen to keep skin supple and firm. Bell peppers and strawberries are great choices! Also, (says
Good Housekeeping) use a collagen cream, which they call the “fountain of youth.”
“And I happen to have one that's just the thing, see my skincare shop!” Maxine

If you or your significant other or friend has followed the trend to be more 'hairy,' it's time to consider a close shave! A recent UK study showed that men with facial hair, and that includes stubble, mustache, or a beard in any of its manifestations...were considered to look about 10 years older! As well, shaving removes dead skin cells, and the actual activity itself helps to stimulate collagen production.

Hint—“Anyone can use a collagen cream, which some have been known to call the “fountain of youth.” And I happen to have one that's perfect for anyone, see my online natural skincare shop!” Maxine

People seem to be able to tell age more easily by looking at your hands--so use cream often and liberally. Keep it by the sink/every sink you use regularly.
Alsobrighten dull lookinghands by exfoliating— (the Warsh Cloth is perfect for this--it exoliatesnaturally while you Warsh). If you really need a brightener... mix a little sea salt with lemon juice and gently scrub into your hands.

Or any liquid--athough remember that alcohol is dehydrating. If you feel thirsty, it means that you're already dehydrated. Drink up. Your skin will feel plump and more youthful and you'll feel energized. Drinking lots of water also helps fills you up and makes diets easier to stick with.


“Celebrity makeup artist Matin Maulawizada, who works with stars like Angelina Jolie,” says to use lighter/not too severe shades as lips get thinner with age. Go for rosy reds or flesh shades--avoid peach and orange, which can make teeth show yellow, and try not to use lipstick without other makeupas this adds age. Who knew! More tips.


A great anti-aging tip Vogue says, is to use ice cubes to boost your complexion. (Kate Moss swears by it--and is said to submerge her face in a bowl of icy water to get rid of morning-after puffiness. “I wouldn't go that far,” says Maxine--“but putting an ice cube or two inside a damp Warsh Cloth and sliding gently around the eye socket will help with under-eye bags, as Vogue recommends!” Ice also helps reduce pain and inflammation from breakouts—and can help with rosacea. More—Vogue


Even if it's only yoga breathing, or chair yoga—the profound effects of yoga from less stress to improved posture, more energy, developing bone mass, added flexibility, and mood enhancement are only some of the benefits. “Yoga poses are designed to work the inside of your body and the outside—to rejuvenate the digestive system, the reproductive system, even the immune system,” according to the founder of NYC's OM Yoga, who says “It's like wringing your body out with a wash cloth.” (Or Warsh Cloth... I really like that analogy!)” Maxine
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Mix a little dab of your foundation with your regular daytime moisturizer before smoothing it over your skin—this boosts hydration and helps to make wrinkles less obvious. Also—heavier foundations and powders tend to settle into creases and lines, so avoid when you can. (And if you’re relying on my microcurrent anti-aging “Lifts” and using the Warsh Cloth to clean your face and thus avoiding the drying chemicals and preservatives that are in skin cleansers… you’re way ahead in the anti-aging battle!

Whether you enjoy grapes from a bottle or fresh off the vine, they are definitely good for your health in lots of ways. One way is the anthocyanins, which fight arthritis, but also helps to boost collagen in the retina according to experts and protects your eyes against age-related macular degeneration. They're anti-inflammatory, a great source of vitamins K and C, can help regulate blood pressure, weight loss by improving energy metabolism, and more.

Brown spots or “age” spots don't look great wherever you get them. but did you know you can lighten or eliminate them with a little lemon juice? Dilute a few drops with water and apply with a Q Tip. Use before bed at first in case the acid irritates your skin--gradually increase to twice a day. If your skin goes too light, stop usi

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  • Eye World, Markham

  • Cass Bella, Vernon, BC

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Sugar is bad for your complexion

More and more studies are showing the negative effects of sugar on our health and wellness. But did you know that sugar also causes wrinkles?

Apparently it reacts with protein, which creates AGEs and causes cell structures to harden and skin to wrinkle.  This process of glycation reduce the effectiveness of collagen and elastin and make us look older. Eating fruit, which also has fibre and slows the absorption of sugar is not the problem—it's refined sugars that should be avoided at all costs. Most of us know by now to avoid refined carbs such as white flour, white bread, white sugar, white rice, and pasta—and stick to the whole grain or unadulterated varieties.  (With rice, stick to brown or wild rice.) Refined carbs raise your blood sugar levels quickly and have little nutritional value.

Avoiding refined sugars means avoid desserts including ice cream, cookies, donuts, and the usual (plus protein and fibre bars, etc.). Eat real fruit instead or make your own sweets with whole grains, where you can, and minimizing the sugar. (You can often use unsweetened apple sauce instead, but be sure to reduce the liquid to compensate—usually 1/4 to 1/3 cup.) Check the label of anything that comes in a package or bottle for sugar, glucose, lactose, honey, molasses and other sweeteners...and this means ketchup, chips (including taco chips), pasta sauce, cereals, soups, and dressings of all kinds.

Refined sugars add to inflammation, contribute to diseases such as cardiovascular and cancers, as well as type 2 diabetes. The average American consumes 350 calories of sugar daily or between 120 and 150 pounds a year. This is way too much. If it sounds like you, it's probably time for a change.

(Read this report in the Daily Mail for inspiration!)

Avoid simple sugars and choose complex carbs, such as brown rice and veggies, which don’t cause insulin spikes—and try to follow an anti-inflammatory diet. Your skin will glow and feel fresh and bouncy (and unwrinkled!). p.s. and did you know, too much sugar and sugar spikes can cause excess hair growth and dark patches in skin folds and body creases? Read about it.

Baking? More great food swaps for when you're trying to live/eat healthy.

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Keep Moving to Live Longer

We feature a lot of articles on Age Well tips including what to eat and drink and exercise suggestions—but one of the keys to maintaining good physical (and mental!) health seems to be to keep moving in any way at any time and as much as you can during your regular day.

An observational study that reviewed fitness and activity tracker records showed that any movement—even if you’re puttering around in the kitchen, the garden—or strolling around the office to refill your coffee rather than working… is good for you.

Unsurprisingly, those in the most active group had a 60% less rate of premature death. But even those in the less active group—who only ambled or cooked or gardened a little—were significantly less likely to have died than those in the least active group. This latter group was generally sedentary and either sat at home or in the office for long periods and rarely exercised.

So the message is—keep moving as much as you can, even if you can’t squeeze in a formal exercise session. Longevity benefits accrued for people who did about 25 minutes per day of exercise such as brisk walking or up to 300 minutes of gentle activity per week—including meandering about, cooking, tidying, and gardening!

Read more.

Rejuvenate your complexion

How can you rejuvenate your complexion?

Can you see a loss of tone in your complexion?

If you're noticing a double chin or saggy neck, the best thing to do asap is start exercising. The experts say that another surprising method that seems to work to ward off a double chin is to chew gum... the muscle action works to tighten sagging muscles.

Remedial for skin sun damage

If you're starting to see signs of wrinkles (they can show up anywhere or everywhere') or a saggy skin on your neck and decolleté areas, it's never too late to try some toning and tightening exercise.

Treatment for a saggy neck

If you're interested in treatment to plump up those fine lines and give you a new fresh loo, I (of course!) recommend the cosmetic micro current “Electric Face Lift”. ... I offer this to Toronto customers or you can purchase my DIY micro current unit.

Non-invasive Microcurrent Lifts are perfect to refresh and plump skin if you want to blur the wrinkles. Do it at home (with Maxine Warsh equipment!) or make an appointment if you're near Toronto to try it out.

Janice Dean copy.jpg

Read the fine print before trying lasers, says Fox personality 

Many people may be inclined to try different approaches such as some of the new laser treatments and often think there is no downside--if it's available, it must be approved and safe. But this isn't always the case and there can be issues with new anti-aging skin treatments. Janice Dean of Fox TV decided to look into what she could do to improve the look of her neck—she was 46 and in front of the cameras and, for women, however much we might wish it wasn't so—a youthful and fresh appearance does still seem to matter in the public perception. Janice Dean recounts what happened when she forgot to read the fine print and ended up with a face “puffed out like a chipmunk” and other issues that kept her away from work and the camera.

“This is why I like microcurrent so much--it's non-invasive and has no side effects except improvement. Whether you do it yourself with my equipment or in my office you can trust the treatment not to leave you hiding from the world, with the glow and confidence to get out there and enjoy it!” Maxine

p.s. I also offer training and professional-standard micro current equipment if you'd like to become an anti-aging specialist yourself and go into business. It's one of the least pricey and fastest ways I know to start your own beauty business... and begin to create a great life for yourself!

Call (or email) to make your appointment for treatment or to learn how to DIY with professional guidance or for more info!

WARSH Cloth for Her, the miracle makeup remover. All you need is water!

WARSH Cloth for Her, the miracle makeup remover. All you need is water!


Anti-aging tips for your skin—

Don't let the weather age you. Some days it feels like it's wrinkling and crinkling--we all know that summer sunshine is not great for your skin but neither is a hot and dry office or winterized home (fall isn't far away!). There are simple ways to take care of your skin from the inside out.

Water, water, water

Drink lots and lots of liquid—preferably water.  Everyone still recommends 8 glasses a day if you can do it. Tea and other liquids help, too!

You've probably noticed that your skin feels more springy when there's more humidity. This doesn't mean you can relax. Always wear a high SPF sunscreen outside in the summer and, even if you're in a damp climate, still moisturize often.

Sun damage when driving

Some people don't know that skin can still suffer sun damage through glass--in front of windows or when you're driving in winter and summer—so use an  SPF cream on all exposed skin. When you're outside, wear a hat whenever you can.

 In the winter, think humidifier. Even a small unit in the bedroom will help you to avoid the long-term effects of weather and dryness on your skin. 

The best anti-aging tip is to exercise. Being on the go more often than you're sitting helps to make sure all your cells and functions are in motion. Nowadays experts recommend never stay sitting longer than an hour at a time but many of the latest studies say no longer than 10 minutes--even if you just stand up and wriggle. Even a short stretch period (the 7th inning stretch) serves an excellent purpose to keep your muscles active and functioning and blood flowing.

So exercise, exercise, and exercise to battle aging— get up off the couch or your chair often to get a drink of water. Take a peek outside or talk about the weather. Chat with your colleagues or neighbors—any excuse to get up and move

Maintaining activity is a disease fighter—from cancers to cardiovascular. And research shows that social activity of any kind may help prevent dementia and with depression. The combination of exercise and social interaction is excellent—so keep moving and start talking for anti-aging benefits—to your body, skin, and mental condition.

How to moisturize for anti-aging

The all-natural  skincare product range  from Maxine Warsh.

The all-natural skincare product range from Maxine Warsh.

Use mucho moisturizers—on your face and your body. Slather it on while you're still damp dry—just blot your skin lightly with a towel and then use your lotions and potions.

It's a good idea to keep a body cream or moisturizer next to the shower or bath, so you can give your skin a drink each and every time you emerge. I recommend my all-natural epiCARE™ range of skincare products (of course!). 

Also, don't forget to exfoliate regularly—this deep cleanses your skin and makes it more receptive to moisturizers.

Hint— “This is another excellent reason to use the  WARSH Cloth twice daily for a healthy complexion—because it's a natural exfoliant. Not only will it clean your skin of makeup and grime.  All you need is water for a fresh, receptive skin and cleaning with only water means you're not adding cleanser or soap chemicals that dry out your face. Your complexion will thank you for it... and so will the planet.”



Pets are rejuvenating

Experts say that having a pet in your home—whether it’s a dog or a budgie—is good for your health. Even interacting with a friendly animal is a plus. This is one reason therapy dogs have become such a popular part of the landscape—with many making visits to housebound individuals and people in hospitals and retirement or nursing homes. Their visits not only cheer the residents up—they have an actual health benefit.

According to experts—any pet tends to be good for your mental health, especially if you’re living alone. Taking care of the needs of another—making sure they are fed, watered, walked if need be, played with—is good to battle depression, loneliness, and helps to give a sense of purpose, value, and achievement to a person’s day, plus the advantage of companionship.

Dogs are wonderful for your health

Most benefit is believed to come from having a dog—they make excellent companions, require daily walks, provide solace when patted and stroked—and excellent companionship all round. They also assist with socializing, especially if you spend a lot of time alone. Every time you’re out with your ‘best’ friend, you’ll likely find people will stop to smile, pat, and chat—and if they have dogs with them as well, you may find you and your dog making new friends. More about health benefits and dogs.

When should you start caring for your skin?

Don't wait too long to think about anti-aging

By the time you’re 25, the ATP that fuels muscles is starting to diminish. Muscles begin to lose tone and skin starts to sag—and that means all over. Your face needs help inside and out starting about now if you want to keep looking your best—so make sure you use lots of water inside and out—drink it and also use only water to wash (WARSH!) your face. This means not using chemical cleansers that will dry your skin. After you've washed away the day's grime and makeup (with a WARSH Cloth, of course),  Don't forget to moisturize, and always with a preservative-free, natural cleanser.

Preventing wrinkly hands

You should carry hand lotion on you at all times. Hands show the signs of age first and often make you look older than you are. Every time your hands are in water, use lotion. That may be a dozen times a day, but it’s vital if you want them to look soft, smooth, and unwrinkly! Be sure to moisturize them (and yourself) all over before you climb into bed at night. If you’re taking care of yourself and getting the necessary seven hours (some even say minimum eight hours to fight aging and keep healthy), that’s a lot of hours for your skin to absorb moisture while you sleep.

How is exercise good for your skin ?
We all know how important exercise is for our fitness levels and health. It’s also essential for our skin. Exercise supports muscles all over the body and in the face and neck. The more you exercise, the better your muscle tone and your skin looks, from top to bottom. Start planned exercise if you're not, and make a habit of using stairs instead of elevators, and parking at the furthest spot in the parking lot. You'll be thankful you did for your overall fitness levels and your muscle tone and skin tone—plus the impact on your health, vitality, and in your skin now and in the decades to come.

“I swear by WARSHing and exercise at every opportunity!” Maxine


Which foods are best for your complexion?

Add seaweed to your menu

Good health is your number one asset and the most important thing you can do to maintain this is to pay attention to what you eat and drink. Luckily, most good-for-you food selections turn out to be good for you on the inside and out, for your complexion.


Number 1 on a number of suggested lists of good-for-you-and-your-skin foods is the sea vegetable dulse, or dried seaweed, also said to be a tasty way to get rid of dark under-eye circles. (Another great reason to enjoy Sushi!) Seaweed is full of vitamin B—. This helps to draw excess fluids out of your tissues - including fluids that make your eyes puffy and give you dark circles underneath. Eat it alone or crumble it up on your soup or salad.

What is dulse and where can you find it?

This edible seaweed (which is full of fibre and protein and grows wild on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts--has also been a staple of diets in  Scotland and Wales, for example, for a long time.  Look for it in a good supermarket--it comes in various forms from pickled to powder to flaked. It can be added to salads, soups, pan-fried.... and will work to keep your body healthy and your skin glowing from the inside out. Take this first step to a wonderful complexion!

p.s. To keep that complexion glowing light exfoliation on a regular basis is very important. Be sure you're using The WARSH Cloth (of course!, which exfoliates as it cleans with water only.

Best Foods for a Great Complexion

High on the list of great foods for your skin is cabbage--so get started on the cole slaw and cabbage rolls if you're not already. (It's actually number two on most lists of good-for-your-skin foods!)

Cabbage is good for your body and your complexion

Crow’s feet might actually be a sign of stress, especially if they start appearing when you're in your 20's and 30's. Because stress creates cortisol, this effectively “makes your skin break down faster, leading to premature wrinkles and sagging.” This is particularly true for the delicate tissue around your eyes.

We all know it’s important to do what we can to alleviate stress for our mental and physical health. Exercise (especially yoga), time outside relaxing, and meditation are what I always recommend— but now I’m advising to add some coleslaw to your diet!

One of the top ways to fight high cortisol levels is to enjoy foods containing vitamins A, C, and E. A good choice is cabbage and red cabbage is the best. It's said to have eight times more collagen-boosting vitamin C than green cabbage varieties.

The all-natural Collagen Correction is an excellent pre-moisturizer.

The all-natural Collagen Correction is an excellent pre-moisturizer.

Cabbage is extremely low in calories, under 20 per half cup of cooked cabbage--you've probably heard about the cabbage soup diet... so not only is it very nutritious but it's a great filling food to keep you on track if you're trying to keep fit or lose weight. It helps with obesity, digestion, to suppress inflammation that can lead to heart issues, is a cancer fighter, protects from radiation therapy--and much more. More on cabbage from Medical News Today.

To keep your skin looking great from the inside and out--don't forget the Warsh Cloth for Her--and if you haven't yet, try Collagen Correction in your skin care routine from our all-natural skin care collection. Collagen Correction is made from natural marine elements.

My Skin Care Tips for Women Over 40 From Anti-Aging Expert Maxine Warsh

  1. Clean your face with the WARSH Cloth every evening just before you go to sleep.

If you haven’t used my Warsh Cloth before, it’s a brilliant 3-in-1 cleanser, makeup/grime remover, and natural exfoliating anti-bacterial cloth that cleans with water only. That’s all you need—no soap, no chemical-based makeup removers. (And it lasts for three months!) Most people try it and never want soap or drying cleansers again.

2. Again, don’t use cleanser in the morning; just splash water over your face or clean your skin with the WARSH Cloth. Cleansers contain chemicals and preservatives and dry out your skin.

3. When you wake up with oil on your face, use your finger tips and spread it over the drier areas. It’s your own natural moisturizer!

4. Use pure, non-toxic moisturizer for all areas of your face. There is no need to have different moisturizers (i.e. eye cream, a face cream, a night cream, hand cream, body lotion, etc. I highly recommend one of my all-natural Black Label epiCARE moisturizers…).

5. Get at least 15 minutes of sunlight on your skin everyday.

6. Soothing facials are better than harsh cleanings and peels. (A microcurrent facial/ treatment is more effective in stimulating collagen and elastin than any other facial available.)

7. Know that your skin exfoliates naturally. When you use chemical exfoliators to speed up your skin’s natural cycle, you are exposing tender new skin before it is ready. (Using the WARSH Cloth to cleanse twice a day works with your skin’s natural cycle and exfoliates gently each time you use it.)

8. Investing in your physical and emotional health is the best natural skin care you can practice.

As we age, less is more. My favorite skin care treatment is a great night's sleep, long walks in nature, and meditation.

But if you feel that nature isn’t enough… go au naturel! Try anti-aging microcurrent, the recommended anti-aging treatment of choice for many and growing in popularity with younger and younger users! It’s non-invasive and has no downtime—you can have what we call the MAX Lift or a QUICK Lift and be ready to go, blooming!

Order your Warsh Cloths online on my site, on Amazon—or ask your local spa/retailer to stock them for you. They will love you for it! Maxine.

Great Skin Foods

High on the list of Great Skin Foods is Cilantro--also known as Coriander. It's full of good things including minerals such as potassium, calcium, manganese, iron and magnesium, Vitamins A, C, B, and K and antioxidants. What's not to like?

It has antiseptic, antifungal, disinfectant, antibacterial and antioxidant properties—read the details.

These benefits make coriander/cilantro good for you inside and out. Many makeup products are full of ingredients that are bad for our skin and this includes heavy metals. Mercury can be found in skin creams. Lead is very common in lipsticks—even in name brands, according to recent FDA studies. Mercury exposure is believed to have a damaging impact on the brain, heart, kidneys, lungs, and your skin.

“Cilantro/coriander is what is known as a natural chelator—helping to draw heavy metals such as mercury and lead out of tissues. I suggest you play it safe and sprinkle cilantro into your soup or sandwich whenever you can—it may be good for your general health and also help your skin glow.” Maxine

While coriander and cilantro are the same plant, coriander seeds have a different, spicier flavor/purpose—often used in curries and stews—so they are not interchangeable (says Rachel Ray!)

p.s. If you're interested in DIY Facial Rejuvenation, check out the MDX MINIPro Microcurrent from Maxine Warsh and how it can rejuvenate your skin in minutes a day.

p.p.s. And if you're more interested in a new life as well as a new look—consider training as an anti-aging expert with Maxine Warsh. You can be working for yourself in a quick start new career that is remarkably low budget and cost-effective! We have a new program in the Anti-Aging Microcurrent Program Certificate starting soon. Contact Maxine for details.




Cosmetic microcurrent reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles and firms and tones your complexion.


“It's like going to the gym to build your muscles. Firming and toning, tightening, sculpting, and contouring—treat yourself to a happy face and arm your skin against the negative effects of time with amazing results. Restore your self-confidence and feel like you. I think of it as a healing technology. And the experts say that it really is—and not just for its anti-aging impact on your complexion." Maxine.

Alternative health experts say that medical microcurrent has many anecdotal benefits from minimizing pain to speeding up recovery after surgery and help with fibromyalgia and conditions such as arthritis. It is also believed to reduce your body’s inflammatation—this is believed to be a major factor in fighting disease including cancer and cardio vascular issues. One US-based practitioner reports anecdotal stories of people coming in for a microcurrent facial and finding other issues are resolved and then bringing in family members for a microcurrent facial.

“This is my experience also,” says Maxine. “I have researched and read lots of anecdotal details about people finding their other ailments improve after a microcurrent facial or Mini Lift.

I hope the medical community gets behind this and does more follow up research—but my own story about how I discovered microcurrent bears retelling. A close relative was suffering a form of palsy and had medical microcurrent on her face to help with this. The medical practitioner said that it would also have the most amazing anti-aging effect—and this proved to be the case and awakened my interest in microcurrent as a cosmetic anti-aging method that works, without down time or surgery and at a very reasonable cost. The rest is history!”



What's the best anti-aging treatment?

How to rejuvenate your skin

A lot of people are saying the best anti-aging treatment short of surgery, which most of us don’t want to do— is microcurrent. It's non-invasive, non-surgical, can be done any time—even immediately before you head out but somehow feel the need for a little boost to your complexion and a boost to your confidence.


“I think it's the feeling of plumpness and better tone and texture without the surgical risks that people like,” says skin expert Maxine Warsh. “You can get expert treatment through my company or you can DIY with my professional home version—the MDXminiPRO. This is a professional treatment that you can give yourself—either the whole Monty, following the manual and DVD, or do a quick feather and feel rejuvenated in minutes.”

Microcurrent use is expanding and you’re never too young to start

Millenials are switching to microcurrent as a preventative measure and to make sure they keep that bloom of youth? “I always say (as do other skin care experts!) that the earlier you start and the more consistent the treatment—the better you will look and feel! Microcurrent is cumulative—your skin (and state of mind!) benefits!” Maxine.

It's very popular with celebs (say the gossip mags) such as Jennifer Aniston, Madonna, and Julianne Moore. And millennials and Gen Z-ers like it--Glossy reports that Kim K. West and Mandy Moore have posted about it on Instagram. Some people call microcurrent the Electric Face Lift of Mini Lift.

“If you're not local--in the Toronto area—order your own professional unit on my shop page and you can give yourself a “Mini Face Lift” at home whenever you want to look your best—or to keep looking your best.


p.s. “And if you like it enough and are looking for a new lease on your life or know someone who is—think about taking my quick and budget-friendly training and join the flourishing anti-aging field. You can be trained, certificate in hand and ready to start taking clients or finding a spot at a salon perhaps, within weeks!”

Call me to discuss how to give a boost to your complexion!

Wear Less Makeup--Less is More

“I’m a great lover of anti-aging microcurrent treatment. My Quick Lift and MAX Lift are designed to help you look and feel better—with no after effects except looking great because it is non-invasive, leaves no scars or bruising—and no downtime. Another advantage of microcurrent treatment is you can go with less makeup!

“I also like the less is more rule... Model and makeup expert Cindy Joseph supported the less is more mantra, saying that— “In wearing less makeup, you show the world that you’re confident in who you are.”

And if you can’t feel the freedom of being and showing who you are as a mature person—over 50, under 50, wherever you happen to be—when will you be secure enough to simply show off you?

This doesn’t mean you have to go bare skin everywhere/all the time—or even doing without the boost to your attitude and general wellness that “natural microcurrent anti-aging” gives. Knowing we look good often makes us feel good—that’s a big motivator behind the fashion industry and it seems to work!

The Natural Microcurrent Glow

The well kept secret of microcurrent is that it gets your “glow” on naturally. The need for makeup is less. You save time and money...

Extreme Wellness

It’s also believed to do more for your system. As the skin’s cellular memory becomes more familiar with microcurrent, the treatment value seems to be compounded. Not only does your face glow but your entire body benefits from a virtual passive massage.

“The overall feeling from a facial microcurrent treatment, I think, is a state of relaxed well being or extreme wellness. The physical sign is a more youthful looking, plump-feeling skin.—with bounce and glow!”

Who wants to cover this natural glow with makeup? And, according to Cindy Joseph, why should we?

See Chalkboard Mag on the benefits to your system of microcurrent treatment to your face!

How to feel beautiful at every age

Do you feel beautiful or do you only feel your age when you look in the mirror?

Beauty and youth are a wonderful combination. And the lovely blossom of youth does give way to the glow of maturity, but you shouldn’t feel less beautiful—only more so! As we age, we (and you!) should feel free to be more you. It’s time, if you’re been holding back and trying to meet other’s expectations, to show the real you—relaxing in being who you are and taking the next steps. Whatever your age, the future lies ahead to fulfill dreams and goals—and now you have the wisdom and knowledge to choose your path.

When you look in the mirror, do you see the lovely woman of life experience with an open door to the future?

I often hear women saying, “I feel so good until I see how I’ve aged. What will the future me look like?” I understand!  And I can help with that.

Life is too short to be worrying about how you’re going to look as you face the future.

“I believe we are beautiful at every age. This is why I have made it my business to keep you looking and feeling youthful—while you enjoy the woman you were meant to be, with no qualms or lack of confidence despite today’s Instagram world. I love that my clients set the example and want to look as good as they feel—always.

“As we transition through middle age, we have the gift of wisdom. It’s that wisdom which helps us to know ourselves, revel in our self-confidence, and make life decisions that need no excuses. If we want purple hair, we sport it like there isn’t any other color hair to have. If we love our full-figured bodies and delicious food, we feel good about being the sexy choice. And if we choose to get help in looking our best naturally, we enjoy that, too, and search for what works best for us!

“Because when you look good you feel good…science proves this to be the case.


MDX3000 Microcurrent Anti-Aging Facial Rejuvenation is the key to looking as good as you feel. My anti-aging MAXLift is the safe, natural, and effective treatment for correcting, improving, and slowing down the complexion’s aging process.

If you don’t want the painful injections of Botox—and the unnatural look that often results (sometimes known as Chipmunk Cheeks!) or of fillers, microcurrent treatment is the perfect natural solution to keep wrinkles at bay. The process is cumulative, so the sooner you start the more lasting are the results—and it’s never too soon to begin. Our skin starts to lose a little of that blossom even in our early 30’s!


Microcurrent’s low level of electricity mirrors the body's own natural electrical currents, triggering chemical reactions at a cellular level to enhance the production of natural collagen and elastin, provide circulatory benefits, and re-educate the muscles of the face.


  • Helps to promote blood circulation, reduce wrinkles and fine lines

  • Plumps and tone

  • Improves facial contours, strengthens facial muscles to provide a lifting effect, and tighten skin

  • Significantly improves new collagen production, skin elasticity, and your complexion

  • Hydrates the skin and helps drain lymph glands,

  • Rejuvenate your complexion

Microcurrent technology involves sending tiny, harmless electrical currents into your muscles. Your muscles react by slightly contracting, which tones and tightens them to create a more youthful foundation for your facial contours. With firmer muscle tissue, your face looks younger and brighter. Wrinkles smooth away, creases soften, and sagging contours are gently lifted. That’s why it’s called an “Electric Facelift”.

The best thing about this technology is that there is absolutely NO PAIN and NO RECOVERY involved. The treatments are relaxing and most people tell me they see results instantly! A simple (and inexpensive) monthly anti-aging maintenance treatment keeps the wonder going!

We’ve been offering this unique proprietary skin rejuvenation technology in Toronto for over 18 years and have improved the appearance of thousands of men and women. Our clients tell me how happy they are with the results and you will be, too!


Buy 3 anti-aging microcurrent treatments at $175.00 each and get one free. That’s 131.25 a treatment.