What foods are good for your skin?

Best foods for an “anti-aging healthy skin” 

These great-for-you anytime foods are what the experts recommend for hydrating from the inside out. Mostly, the foods that are on the good-for-you list for health also help your skin AND make a great anti-aging diet. The list includes salmon, avocado, olive oil, spinach and leafy greens, nuts/seeds, fruit (of course!) and eggs. For more on why you should eat anti-aging foods:  StyleList.


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Other foods that should be on your menu that are good for your skin (and your hair!), making you look and feel fit and healthier from the inside out are dark chocolate, walnuts, the ever-popular spinach, lentils, flax and chia seeds, and berries.

According to The Huffington Post, berries “are loaded with anti-inflammatory agents and vitamins that help protect you from premature aging.” They are also great at battling illnesses and packed with Vitamin C, which not only keeps skin firm but is used by your body to form collagen.

Chocolate (or raw cacao) has flavonoids to fight free radicals and protect your skin from UV damage and wrinkles and fine lines.

For facts you might not know about berries--such as if bananas, kiwi fruit, and lychees are classed as berries, and which are the most beneficial... Elderberries is #1, followed by blackberries, and ... tomatoes? Read up.

Causes of wrinkles and aging

A BBC report on eating your way to fabulous skin summarizes the main causes of wrinkles and skin aging and pinpoints damage from the sun, strong soaps, chemicals, and poor nutrition as the main culprits, and recommends antioxidant rich fruit and veg with beta carotene, vitamins C and E, zinc and selenium.

(Using the Warsh Cloth with water only to clean your complexion eliminates two of those factors immediately!)

Fighting acne

To fight acne, cutting back on processed/junk foods and hydrogenated and saturated fats is recommended, says the BBC. Try to eat more selenium-rich foods such as Brazil and walnuts, cashews, fresh tuna, sunflower seeds, and wholemeal bread. More.

 Use the Warsh Cloth at least twice a day to clean your complexion of all makeup and grime for best results.&nbsp;

Use the Warsh Cloth at least twice a day to clean your complexion of all makeup and grime for best results. 

“And wash with the Warsh Cloth (we also have one for acne). Cleaning your skin with only water will, of course, also help to fight a variety of skin problems—from aging to acne.”


When should you start caring for your skin?

Don't wait too long to think about anti-aging

By the time you’re 25, the ATP that fuels muscles is starting to diminish. Muscles begin to lose tone and skin starts to sag—and that means all over. Your face needs help inside and out starting about now if you want to keep looking your best—so make sure you use lots of water inside and out—drink it and also use only water to wash (WARSH!) your face. This means not using chemical cleansers that will dry your skin. After you've washed away the day's grime and makeup (with a WARSH Cloth, of course),  Don't forget to moisturize, and always with a preservative-free, natural cleanser.

Preventing wrinkly hands

You should carry hand lotion on you at all times. Hands show the signs of age first and often make you look older than you are. Every time your hands are in water, use lotion. That may be a dozen times a day, but it’s vital if you want them to look soft, smooth, and unwrinkly! Be sure to moisturize them (and yourself) all over before you climb into bed at night. If you’re taking care of yourself and getting the necessary seven hours (some even say minimum eight hours to fight aging and keep healthy), that’s a lot of hours for your skin to absorb moisture while you sleep.

How is exercise good for your skin ?
We all know how important exercise is for our fitness levels and health. It’s also essential for our skin. Exercise supports muscles all over the body and in the face and neck. The more you exercise, the better your muscle tone and your skin looks, from top to bottom. Start planned exercise if you're not, and make a habit of using stairs instead of elevators, and parking at the furthest spot in the parking lot. You'll be thankful you did for your overall fitness levels and your muscle tone and skin tone—plus the impact on your health, vitality, and in your skin now and in the decades to come.

“I swear by WARSHing and exercise at every opportunity!” Maxine

Plants and well-being

It's true—flowers have power. Being outside in nature—whether it's a backyard, tending a balcony flower pot, or in the garden—relieves stress and makes us feel better. This may be one reason why spring seems to perk up our happiness factor—who doesn't feel a little boost when you see your first crocus and, perhaps, a momentary flashback to springs past?

A study by researchers at Kansas State University showed that contact with flowering plants has a direct effect on patients' psychological and psychological well-being. Patients with flowering plants in their rooms during post-op recovery from appendectomies took less pain meds, had lower blood pressure and heart rate, and generally lower symptoms of pain, anxiety, and fatigue.  This study showed that plants were better than cut flowers for patients because of the plant's longevity and since patients became involved in their care—watering, moving them, etc.

 Warsh Cloths make a perfect hostess gift—with flowers on top!

Warsh Cloths make a perfect hostess gift—with flowers on top!

Boost your creativity with plants

According to a landmark European study, there are cognitive and creative benefits to having plants in the office—which may explain the greenery in many business interior landscapes. And they help with stress and relaxation, which could explain why plants are so common in doctor's (and dentist's(!) offices.

Flowers aid relaxation and stress reduction, but choose your colors well. Vivid and saturated tones are energizing, while “less saturated colors are calming,” as are colors near each other on the color wheel. More from Huffington Post

And if you're giving a thank you or a hosting gift —say it with flowers on top and you won't go wrong! According to a study at Rutgers University in New Jersey, recipients of gifts (a candle, flowers, fruit basket) reacted with true and heartfelt smiles (known as the Duchenne smile) and were still feeling the boost of the gift of flowers three days later.

Be wary of non-natural complexion products

“I like to talk about my all-natural beauty products and recommend that you only clean your face with water and my best-selling Warsh Cloths... but is there science behind the increased popularity of natural skincare?” Maxine

Absolutely. It's hard to quantify—but our skin is sensitive to what we put on it. Rates of absorption on our face and scalp can be 10 times higher than other parts of the body. We want the anti-aging and antioxidant ingredients in cosmetics to work on the dermis and epidermis—which means we want them to work their way into our skin. In turn, some of these ingredients (and chemical compounds/preservatives etc) work their way into our bodies. This is a good reason to check sell by dates and only use natural skincare. These products are made without preservatives and that means they won't last forever. 

If you choose to use only water (and Warsh Cloths) to wash your face, you're doing your skin and your body a favor by avoiding chemicals, preservatives, and drying compounds that might ease their way, even in minute quantities, into your body and your bloodstream.

The same applies to moisturizers and other treatments you apply to your skin. You might think they're working to fight the battle lines of age—wrinkles, but they might be doing a lot more than you anticipate. FDA and beauty products—more.

If you've ever looked at the shelf life of a face cream sold in a drug or department store, it's likely to be good for a year or two—or even longer. It is chock full of ingredients to enhance the longevity of the product and prevent bacteria, mold, etc. Many of the ingredients in these products are unregulated and include synthetic colors and fragrances, parabens and more.

“So my advice is, next time you buy a cosmetic product that isn't natural consider your health and your well-being.” Maxine

The chemical additives and preservatives in skin creams and lotions can also affect your skin's sensitivity--and it can often be these ingredients that are causing sensitive skin issues and breakouts. This is another reason to go au naturel with the beauty products you apply to your skin.

What to avoid in beauty products/Huffington Post

Cosmetic chemicals to avoid/ David Suzuki Foundation

p.s. check recent Face Talk posts on how what you eat affects your skin from the inside out!

How much water should you drink?

We hear it so often that we accept it without question—drink 8 glasses of 8 ounces each of water a day, or 8x8. But is this accurate and do we need this much? 

It depends. According to Web MD, the Institute of Medicine advises that men need about 125 ounces of liquid daily and women 91 ounces. The first thing to note is that the liquid doesn't all have to be water. The second? Most of us are probably getting enough hydration if we eat an average diet from food and beverages. Did you know that an apple is 84% water, broccoli is 91%, and a plain bagel 33%?

Also, take note of what you're drinking—alcohol is dehydrating. Coffee and sodas are hydrating, but caffeine is a natural diuretic. Water is the best choice because it's free and calorie-free.

How much water you need in a day depends on a number of factors from your age to your gender, health, weight, activity level, and even the weather. If it's hot and you're perspiring--you probably need to drink more water. But you may also need more water in other extreme weather conditions such as when it's cold, humid, or you're at high altitude. Children need lots of liquid—they get dehydrated more easily than the rest of us and seniors may need to drink extra liquid because of health issues. Heavier people need more water also. 

Can you drink too much water and does it matter? 

It's uncommon, according to the Mayo Clinic, but if  “your kidneys are unable to excrete the excess water, the electrolyte content of the blood is diluted, resulting in hyponatremia.” This mostly affects endurance athletes such as marathon runners and is rare in healthy adults who eat the average diet. But some health conditions including “heart failure and some types of kidney, liver and adrenal diseases may impair excretion of water and require that you limit your fluid intake.”

If you're exercising intensely (or for more than an hour), experts recommend sports drinks that contain sodium.  “This also reduces the chances of hyponatremia, which can be life-threatening,” says the Mayo Clinic. For short periods of exercise or any activity that makes you perspire, drink an extra 1.5 to 2.5 glasses of water. 

According to Web MD: Our kidneys process 20 to 1000 ml of fluid per hour. So it's not easy to go into fluid overload, but it can happen if you drink too much, too quickly. Symptoms include weight gain, nausea, and bloating and may reduce the sodium levels in your blood, “which can result in headaches, confusion, seizures, and coma.”

Can you lose weight by drinking water?

Studies show this to be true—when you drink before a meal it fills you up and you tend to eat less/fewer calories, and many weight lost experts recommend this as standard procedure. Longer-term studies need to be carried out—but anecdotal evidence says it works!

Best Health says it's important to remember that skin is up to 15 percent water and in climate-controlled offices, where humidity never goes about 8 to 10 percent, moisture in the skin evaporates more quickly than it can regenerate. So be sure to drink plenty!

Whether you monitor your water intake or are sure you're getting your liquids from your healthy diet, the bottom line is that water keeps your body and brain working. Without it your health would suffer—so if you're thirsty, drink up!

Remember: in general, we can survive up to about three weeks without food, but only three days to a week without water. Always pack water in your car and in your 'just in case' bag when you're on your travels or in unfamiliar landscapes/terrain... just in case!



Is your complexion ready for spring?

Treat dry flaky skin from the inside out

If your complexion is feeling dry and flaky--which it might do if you've been out enjoying the cooler weather and elements this past winter or had the heat cranked up inside—there are things you can do immediately to battle wrinkles and dryness

One of them is to add more foods with omega-3 fatty acids to your diet. These include fatty fish such as salmon and sardines, walnuts, chia, and flax seeds. Other sources include canola oil, some fortified dairy foods, enriched eggs—the best approach is to add them to your diet from food sources if you can. The lack of omega 3's may also result in more inflammation generally--and this also shows up in your skin and may be the cause of your acne.

A lack of zinc and selenium have also been shown to contribute to acne—top up your diet with nuts (especially Brazil nuts). The selenium and Vitamin E and the other nutritional benefits, including iron, are good for skin health. 

 More info on omega 3's.


Clean your skin without cleansers—use water only.

Tomatoes also work from the inside out, with an abundance of Vitamin C that keeps the skin firm and boosts collagen production (as all Vitamin C foods do!). Lycopene in tomatoes stimulates circulation, which is good for everything.

It's believed that accelerated aging (in your skin and body) may be due to the activity of free radicals--antioxidants protect against this. To help in the fight against aging skin, eat lots of colorful vegetables. (Red or purple cabbage has the highest level of antioxidants per dollar, so it's good for your budget as well as your complexion!) 

Pale complexion?

If your skin is looking pale—also check out the linings of your eyelids and the inside of your mouth—you may have an iron deficiency. Check with your doctor—and also try to increase your intake of foods with iron, such as lentils, spinach, and beef. Low iron levels can also show up in your nails, in ridges or white-looking nails, spoon or concave shapes.

More on what to eat for a fabulous complexion.

Skincare Tip for a healthy complexion:
“My main big tip to ensure a fabulous complexion is to stop using makeup cleansers, which dry your skin out, contain preservatives, and leave a film on your skin—this affects how your lotions and potions work. It's great that the Warsh Cloth cleans all faces with water only (meet the Warsh Family of Cloths)—as well as removing grime and makeup is so popular. Using the Warsh Cloth is a big step to a better complexion.” Maxine Warsh


videocloth copy.jpg

Meet the family of Warsh Cloths!

Retailers carrying the Warsh Cloths

Here are a sprinkling of some of the locations/retailers carrying the Warsh Cloth.

  • Sporting Life
  • Cinderella Suites, Woodmere, New York
  • Carol Kelley, in L.A.
  • PharmaSave
  • 889 Yoga
  • Rosemarie’s Cosmetics, Pompano, Florida
  • Eyes on Sheppard, North York
  • Ilana Stein-Attali, The House of Vitality
  • Lee Renick Cosmetics, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
  • Daniel Sade, Healing Fragrances, Concord
  • Ladies Golf Club
  • Palais Royale, Bayview Village
  • Palais Royale, Yorkville
  • Granite Club
  • Parisa Hair Salon, North York City Centre
  • Look Hair Studio
  • Delineations
  • Hair Dynasty
  • Lezah Skin Care, MississaugaAyala Raiter Jewelry Couture
  • Dr. Diane Wong, Glow Medi Spa—Yorkville, Aurora, and Markham
  • Michelle Romanica at Great Lakes Dermatology, Wisconsin
  • Beauty & Barber Supply outlets
  • Grace Makeup for Midlife
  • Susan Kirsch Makeup
  • Weston Golf & Country Club
  • Classic Nails
  • Sweetgrass (at Verity)
  • Pestacio Fine Foods
  • Bayview Village Sport Specs & Opticals
  • Jewelry Secrets, St. Jacobs
  • David’s Fine Linens @ Bayview Village
  • and the new Vaughn location
  • Natural Life Health Market (GTA)
  • River’s Edge Gift Shop, Rockwood, On.
  • Really Neat Stuff
  • Inner Peace Spa, Etobicoke
  • Perfume Passion
  • Bambuu Hair Salon
  • Elemental Core Healing in Newmarket
  • JC Salons, Toronto
  • The One Nail and Spa Hair Design, Milton
  • Mara Swartz
  • Partners in Beauty— Stacey Elson, Chatham
  • Partners in Beauty— Nancy Matteis, Chatham
  • Partners in Beauty— Cathy Zarzycki, Conestogo
  • Eye World, Markham
  • Cass Bella, Vernon, BC

Please contact Maxine if you'd like to carry the Warsh Cloths or the Black Label epiCARE range of all-natural skincare products! 

Sugar is bad for your complexion

More and more studies are showing the negative effects of sugar on our health and wellness. But did you know that sugar also causes wrinkles?

Apparently it reacts with protein, which creates AGEs and causes cell structures to harden and skin to wrinkle.  This process of glycation reduce the effectiveness of collagen and elastin and make us look older. Eating fruit, which also has fibre and slows the absorption of sugar is not the problem—it's refined sugars that should be avoided at all costs. Most of us know by now to avoid refined carbs such as white flour, white bread, white sugar, white rice, and pasta—and stick to the whole grain or unadulterated varieties.  (With rice, stick to brown or wild rice.) Refined carbs raise your blood sugar levels quickly and have little nutritional value.

Avoiding refined sugars means avoid desserts including ice cream, cookies, donuts, and the usual (plus protein and fibre bars, etc.). Eat real fruit instead or make your own sweets with whole grains, where you can, and minimizing the sugar. (You can often use unsweetened apple sauce instead, but be sure to reduce the liquid to compensate—usually 1/4 to 1/3 cup.) Check the label of anything that comes in a package or bottle for sugar, glucose, lactose, honey, molasses and other sweeteners...and this means ketchup, chips (including taco chips), pasta sauce, cereals, soups, and dressings of all kinds.

Refined sugars add to inflammation, contribute to diseases such as cardiovascular and cancers, as well as type 2 diabetes. The average American consumes 350 calories of sugar daily or between 120 and 150 pounds a year. This is way too much. If it sounds like you, it's probably time for a change.

What happens when you lay off sugar?

“I noticed an amazing difference. After my detox vacation at Hippocrates Health Institute, I learned that North Americans are more addicted to sugar than any other substance. Sugar is 10x more addicting than cocaine! I decided to quit all refined sugar (cakes, cookies, candy, etc). This is what I noticed.” Maxine

  • Weight loss
  • Bloat loss
  • More energy
  • Better sleep
  • Clear and focused
  • No afternoon sugar low
  • No cravings
  • Glowing, smoother skin

(Read this report in the Daily Mail for inspiration!)

Baking? More great food swaps for when you're trying to live/eat healthy.

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Top food choices to boost energy

Most of are well aware that extra cups of our favorite coffee or a candy break are not the best choices when we need get up and go. it's always temporary.  What should you have in your kitchen when you need an energy boost?

The best combination are options rich in protein, fibre, and complex carbohydrates—so the energy boost lasts and doesn't show itself as a big sugar splurge that leaves you tired and in need of another boost.

Good food choices for energy

Nuts are good choices—especially with lower fat Greek yogurt, but make sure to keep a close eye on quantities with nuts—they seem like such superfoods with complex carbs and nutritional benefits —but the carbs can soon add up.

Top of everyone's list is quinoa. While we may think quinoa falls in the same category as wheat or rice as a grain and prepare it as such, this nutrient-dense carb is actually a seed. It comes from the same family group as spinach, chard, and beets. It has twice the protein of rice or barley, and is an excellent source of magnesium and manganese, calcium, has several B vitamins, vitamin E, fiber and has all 9 essential amino acids making it a perfect complete protein choice. Have it instead of breakfast cereal or at lunch and dinner.

Lentils are another great choice. A high fiber powerhouse, lentils contain cholesterol-lowering fibre and help to stabilize blood sugar for long periods, contain seven important minerals, B vitamins and protein—and they're amazingly low calorie. 

Beans are protein and a complex carb—toss some in a salad for an instant energy boost. And if you make it an iron-packed spinach salad to keep your energy up all afternoon. More on what's good for you next time!

The key to a flawless complexion

Clean your face with water

According to beauty and makeup artist Arabella Preston, adviser to Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, a face cloth to wash your face should be your number one priority.  

“I couldn't agree more,” says Maxine. It sounds like Kate is a strong believer in what the Brits call “flannels” or wash cloths to clean her complexion. (we like Warsh Cloths and wonder if she's tried them--they're perfect to clean and leave you with a fresh face, plus they exfoliate at the same time, and all you need is water). 

Celebs and complexion routines

Many dermatologists and skin care experts, including Maxine Warsh, believe in not using anything stronger than water on your face for cleansing. Celebs from Salma Hayek to Kirsten Dunst to Lady Gaga say they don't use chemicals to wash their complexions (at least some of the time!) if they can help it, report style magazines. In fact, the 'caveman/woman?' routine, which is growing in popularity, advises never using chemically-based cleansers (or even makeup or moisturizers) of any kind.

ˆI definitely wouldn't go that far. But I would avoid cleansers and stick to water only as this does cause dryness. Instead, gently wash (Warsh!) with water only and one of my cloths. Washing with water only doesn't dry out or aggravate your complexion in any way and is good for your skin. In fact. It clears away the makeup and grime, even eye makeup, and gives a thorough clean without drying out or leaving a chemical residue like you get with chemical cleansers.  These cleansers contain harsh ingredients and preservatives to prolong shelf life and this can play mayhem with your PH balance and leads to over-drying of your skin and wrinkles!
Using water only leaves your skin fresh and clean ready to be moisturized. Then I suggest using my Collagen Correction before you moisturize as it really helps to prepare an absorbent base and helps the moisturizer to work as it should.”  Maxine
katepost copy.jpg

Beauty Tip:

Kate's beauty guru says her lovely complexion is due to using a “flannel”-- i.e. a face cloth! We suggest the Warsh Cloth!

Don't increase your wrinkle factor

There are all sorts of chemicals that irritate the complexion, are carcinogenic, dry your skin out, and thus increase the wrinkle factor, or cause breakouts. These occur in beauty and other common products found around the house (more on house cleansers later!). Some of are covered in a Huffington Post article including parabens and phthalates (in moisturizers) and sodium lauryl sulfate (body washes and cleansers) plus propylene glycol (moisturizers and sunscreen, makeup, shampoo and hairspray...) 

Anti-aging tip from Maxine: Be sure to hydrate from the inside out

Hydration. The body can live a long time without food, yet only a few days without water... some sources say you can survive for a week or so—others it may only be a few hours in extreme conditions.  My advice from the anti-aging perspective is to drink water, herbal tea, and fresh vegetable juices consistently. Staying hydrated is a key to cellular regeneration. Get in the habit of drinking 1/2 hour before meals and one hour after meals.
But make sure your drinks are sugar free. Sugar robs the bones of water, feeds and festers illness and is considered a ten times more addictive drug than cocaine! 

Since I've been off refined sugar, I've noticed all sorts of benefits!

  • Hydrated skin
  • Better joint health (my body has no soreness at all)
  • Better sleep
  • Fewer cravings
  • Less to no allergies
  • Eczema has healed completely
  • More energy in general
  • More weight loss and less bloat

p.s. Warsh Cloths are environmentally friendly—they last for months. Wash (Warsh!) the cloths with soap and water to keep them at their best--but use water only when you clean your complexion to keep your skin at its best.


  Tips for easier shaving, exfoliating and healthy skin for men.

Tips for easier shaving, exfoliating and healthy skin for men.

“I offer the same advice to men as I do for women,” says skin care expert Maxine Warsh. “Treat yourself with goodness from the inside out and don't 'wear out' your skin by using chemicals and cleansers that overdry. Shaving creams also overdry and they are full of chemicals—so that's an excellent reason to use water only as part of your face cleaning routine. Give your face a good wash (WARSH!) before and after shaving and use the Warsh Cloth for Men (of course).

Reenergize your face

“Even plain old soap dries your face out—and it ages your skin. Add to this the effects of shaving and... wow. The deck is stacked. So this is why my best suggestion is to use only water for a clean fresh face! Use plain H2O and the WARSH Cloth for Men before and after your shave—and last thing at night or whenever you start to feel grimy. It will clean you up fast without weakening your skin and you'll not only look great but feel great.”

Diet tips for men's skin

Other advice that's applicable to helping your skin from the inside out is to eat the best diet you can. “I don't mean 16-ounce steaks or recommend carb-happy plates every day. Do what your mom probably told you to when you were at her kitchen table, and overdose on fruit and veg—as many as you can, as multicoloured as you can, and whenever you can.”  If your family or partner isn't already on some variation of the Mediterranean or Dash diet—do it quick. Not only does it benefit overall body health from digestion to circulation and helps everyone fight diseases including cancers, but skin health and feel improves. And it gives tone to the way you look—making skin vibrant and helping it and you to feel and stay youthful. 

How does The Warsh Cloth work?

The WARSH Cloth exfoliates to keep skin fresh while you wash (WARSH!), and it's anti-bacterial, plus it's environmentally-friendly. You can keep reusing it after washing (WARSHing it) for up to three months. It's slightly larger than the standard WARSH Cloth.

There's a reason people call this “The Little Miracle Worker.” Your face will think it has discovered a miracle—you'll see and feel a difference when you can scrub away grime and pore-cloggers with the WARSH Cloth for Men and only water.


What's new in beauty—

2018, says the experts, is all about simplification—in diet, in our schedules, life in general if we can manage it—and in beauty care. “This I know about,” says Maxine, “since simplification, clean, and natural have been at the core of my growing business since day one!”

Here are three of the top beauty trends for 2018.


These are big this year and Maxine Warsh was one of the first to offer microcurrent ‘face lifts’ and may be the only one offering a professional quality personal care unit, as well as hand-on treatment. She also provides professional training and education/courses.

Microcurrent is gentle and effective at plumping skin and filling in wrinkle lines—and the professional unit, supplied with a DVD and an easy step-by-step manual, won't give you that obvious look you might get from one of the commercial cheap, hand held units that seem to be popping up all over.

“You know someone's not been using a professional level unit when you see  ‘Chipmunk Cheeks.’  My professional use-at-home anti-wrinkle microcurrent unit can be used for just minutes a day and gives very happy results.” Maxine

The popularity of many kinds of non-invasive skin procedures such as microcurrent are rocketing according to industry insiders, says British Vogue.

“I'm so pleased my unit is such a leader in this area. My hands-on treatment and the DIY MiniPRO, so you can give yourself professional microcurrent ‘face lifts’ at home, are trendsetters. With thousands and thousands of treatments to date, I can truly say I love what it does to skin. And if time zipping by is having more of an impact that you would like and you decide to take it up a notch (with MESOTherapy, for example), microcurrent works extremely well with all injectables. Many clients tell me they are able to forget about other procedures or significantly reduce them, or do less surgery they relied on in the past, because of the cumulative plumping effects of microcurrent.” 


Another major trend is clean skincare. This means products without chemicals, preservatives, and with nothing that is bad for you. Clean means without any harmful ingredients. The all-natural skincare beauty products featured in the Black Label epiCare range are good for your skin and you—everything on the ingredient list is recognized and natural and safe—from Glycerin to Ascorbic Acid to Ginger, for example,—three of the ingredients on my clean Vitamin C Toning and Lifting Serum (epiSilk).  If this means they don't last quite as long on your shelf as many of the famous beauty brands, that's a good thing. (Black Label epiCARE has a shelf life that is limited--you can't keep it in your bathroom cupboard for years—this is because it's chem-free, preservative-free, and clean.)


Treating your body with the same natural care as you do your face is another big trend we're already seeing. Slathering on a clean, all-natural moisturizer that you can use anywhere/any time is recommended The Black Label epiCREME is good for your body and can be used on your body, hands, and face if you wish, also. Do it as soon as you step out of the shower or bath and twice a day. if you can. This is important as your skin gets older, especially if you're experiencing the indoor dryness from the bitter winter many of us have been having. A special note, particularly if you're unwell or diabetic—illness, stress, or chronic ailments that affect your health take their toll on your skin. Be sure to moisturize all over to avoid dryness and chafing.

Stay tuned for more Beauty Trends next time!


Feeling rested and rejuvenated

If your life isn't looking (or feeling!) much like a day at the beach at the moment (perhaps because you're in the middle of a snow storm, or even if it just feels like you are...), taking a time out to indulge yourself and your senses and switching the focus to relaxing can make a huge difference. If you can't escape for a quick trip somewhere, take a little time out for yourself for reflection and a change of scene or activity. Exploring a museum and or art gallery you haven't visited in a while are great for this or even an afternoon at the movies with a good friend or your partner. You'll likely feel rested and rejuvenated—and rise above the down-for-the-count feelings that too much busyness and stress create.  

Stress and you

Remember, if you're not getting enough relaxing time, your body will tell you. Stress will show itself in disrupted sleep patterns, assorted aches and pains—from headaches to back and neck aches—to the feeling that it's taking twice the effort to do what you used to do in a blink. It's important to destress—whether it's meditation or more family and friend time—when you feel you're losing track of 'you' in the day-to-day grind. As we all know, stress may also show up in other more serious ways—raising your risk of chronic ailments and life-threatening conditions and illnesses. The signs of stress vary from chronic urinary tract infections to problems in your love life.

Taking time to indulge in the tried and true stress solutions from vacations to deep breathing to focusing on a healthier lifestyle and habits are all good. So is indulging in your own spa day. Even a spa 'hour' might be enough to start your relaxation process. And you don't even have to leave home to do it.

Plan a spa session at home

Your starting point should be ambience—make sure the room is pristine and comforting. then think music and lights. Go with your favorite scented candles and some soothing night music—even if it's the middle of the day—something that makes you feel floaty and dreamy whenever you hear it.  

“I'm a strong believer it taking care of myself—from the inside and out—and am careful to exercise, live a healthy lifestyle, and make sure to take the edge off when I need to. After a busy week, the best gift I treat myself to is a home spa day..”  Maxine

It looks like this...

Sleep in!!


Drink 10oz. of apple cider vinegar (1T of ACV) and honey tea (1T)

Enjoy a cup of coffee (the system is neutralized from the ACV)

Light breakfast of fruit and yogurt or a smoothie of fruits and veggies.

Luxuriate in an apple cider vinegar and baking soda bath with a few drops of my favorite essential oil (today it was Patchouli) 

Last, but not least, I give myself a Collagen Correction microcurrent facial with my miniPRO HOME UNIT.


I then have a main meal of roasted veggies, goat cheese, salad, and grains.

Easy Recipe for Healthy Beets with Everything

Roast two large beets in a 410 oven for 45 minutes, cool, then thinly slice.

Make a dressing of 2 tablespoons of maple syrup, 2 T olive oil, and 1 T Apple Cider Vinegar

Add a heaping handful of rocket greens and dill over the beets, pour on my delicious dressing, added a few tablespoons of goat cheese and sprinkle sunflower seeds over the mixed greens.  Fabulous!

You'll feel rested and refreshed and ready for anything!


How to relax and destress

Relaxing with family and friends

One of the best ways to relax and destress is to spend some away-from-work time with those you love—of course, this means family but don't forget to include your friends. According to the experts, sometimes spending more time with family is good but sometimes it adds anxiety to the mix if you're having family squabbles or issues. This is why the holiday season. when more of us tend to either go home or make sure we meet up with family, can add to your stress.

Sharing good times and bad

With my cousin Robin.

Still, you don't want to miss the family time—even if it puts you a little on edge.  This is what memories are made of. Spend as much time as you can with the family members you truly feel at home with.

What you might want to consider is also adding extra friendship time to the mix, especially with longtime friends. These are the people you're likely to feel you can share anything with, good times or bad, because you've already been through so many ups and downs together.  

The gift of life

Whether you spend your downtime with family or friends, “Reaching out means we are giving each other, literally, the gift of life,” says a report in (of all sources!) the Tri-State Livestock News. 

Is it true that we increase our chances in the longevity stakes when we spend more time with friends and family.? Yes, say experts. According to a report published in JAMA Internal Medicine, 23 percent of people who reported being lonely during the study period died within six years. But only 14% of those with regular companionship died within the same period. (Report Simplemost)

TIME Magazine says that spending time with friends can be as important (or more so, (see above!) than spending your relaxing hours with family.  Quality friendships—with people you understand and get on with and vice versa—is especially important. As are friendships with spouses, children, and other family members. But the relaxation factor may be greater with longtime trusted friends, who have been through it all with you.

The bottom line is that the more social interactions you have, the more impact this will have on your good health, well-being, and longevity. 



Rejuvenate your complexion

How can you rejuvenate your complexion?

Can you see a loss of tone in your complexion?

If you're noticing a double chin or saggy neck, the best thing to do asap is start exercising. The experts say that another surprising method that seems to work to ward off a double chin is to chew gum... the muscle action works to tighten sagging muscles.

Remedial for skin sun damage

If you're starting to see signs of wrinkles (they can show up anywhere or everywhere') or a saggy skin on your neck and decolleté areas, it's never too late to try some toning and tightening exercise.

Treatment for a saggy neck

If you're interested in treatment to plump up those fine lines and give you a new fresh loo, I (of course!) recommend the cosmetic micro current “Electric Face Lift”. ... I offer this to Toronto customers or you can purchase my DIY micro current unit.

Non-invasive Microcurrent Lifts are perfect to refresh and plump skin if you want to blur the wrinkles. Do it at home (with Maxine Warsh equipment!) or make an appointment if you're near Toronto to try it out.

Janice Dean copy.jpg

Read the fine print before trying lasers, says Fox personality 

Many people may be inclined to try different approaches such as some of the new laser treatments and often think there is no downside--if it's available, it must be approved and safe. But this isn't always the case and there can be issues with new anti-aging skin treatments. Janice Dean of Fox TV decided to look into what she could do to improve the look of her neck—she was 46 and in front of the cameras and, for women, however much we might wish it wasn't so—a youthful and fresh appearance does still seem to matter in the public perception. Janice Dean recounts what happened when she forgot to read the fine print and ended up with a face “puffed out like a chipmunk” and other issues that kept her away from work and the camera.

“This is why I like microcurrent so much--it's non-invasive and has no side effects except improvement. Whether you do it yourself with my equipment or in my office you can trust the treatment not to leave you hiding from the world, with the glow and confidence to get out there and enjoy it!” Maxine

p.s. I also offer training and professional-standard micro current equipment if you'd like to become an anti-aging specialist yourself and go into business. It's one of the least pricey and fastest ways I know to start your own beauty business... and begin to create a great life for yourself!

Call (or email) to make your appointment for treatment or to learn how to DIY with professional guidance or for more info!

  WARSH Cloth for Her, the miracle makeup remover. All you need is water!

WARSH Cloth for Her, the miracle makeup remover. All you need is water!

Best exercises and what to avoid

Yoga benefits

Exercise is good for us—but too much of the wrong type can have serious and long term repercussions. That's why yoga, which has been practised for over 5000 years, is considered a very good choice. And it's good for everything... to reduce stress and enhance well-being and improve our physical and general health. Yoga can improve brain function, burn calories, give you stronger bones, lower blood pressure, increased flexibility and tone... and much more

Exercises to avoid

Most of us know that jogging is hard on the knees and lower joints  (for starters). This is especially important to remember if you want to stay active at every age. Too much standing and walking can contribute to heel spurs and other issues. Also try to avoid sit-ups. Harvard Medical School says that, for a harder core, we should skip sit-ups and crunches, which can harm your back. Stick to the plank.

Check out  exercises to avoid, which includes crunches (yeah!), upright rows, and even the seated hip-abductor machine. These trainer favorites are not always as good for us as we like to believe.

Expensive sports injuries

Natural skin care moisturizers

Check out the Maxine Warsh all-natural skin care product range.

No preservatives or chemicals.

Recouping from sports injuries can not only be painful but expensive and the physio you may need can lead to further problems. A New Zealand study showed that, over a five-year reporting period of a group of insurance claimants receiving physiotherapy reported in the Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Injury, claims attributed to exercise were related to physiotherapy in 31.5% of cases and to manual therapy in 26.5% of cases. Oops.

So choose your physiotherapist well, on the recommendation of a doctor preferably, and check their professional affiliations.


And to give your face a good wash after your workout? The miracle worker WARSH Cloth should be in your gym bag!

p.s. And if your kids (sorry, young adults!) are heading back to school after the hols—or if you or any of your family are traveling, where sticking to a healthy diet that's also good for your complexion may fall victim to the temptations of eating out or fast food. . . keep everyone's complexions in good shape and pack The WARSH Cloth for Her, for Acne, for Teens, and for Men.






“When I'm 64”—On Looking Good and Feeling Great

 This is the year—

You’re probably humming a popular Beatles tune by now. It seems shocking, but this is the year it will be accurate when I sing along, “Will you still need me…when I’m 64?”

It’s no mistake that I went into the anti-aging business. This choice was an extension of how I lived my life. Always nutrition and diet conscious, always an exercise enthusiast, and makeup lover—the only business I could be in is one that's all about how to look good and feel great!

Anti-aging Toolbox

I’d never say that I still see the same woman in the mirror as when I started, nor that I always like what I see as my numbers increase. But why criticize when I have a fabulous box of tools? I like to do what works—from diet to exercise to anti-aging disciplines, And I like to l share my regime as I make the necessary changes, so here are some of my favorite things to do leading up to “when I'm 64.”


  • Meditate every morning for 45-60 minutes (ongoing 24 years!)
  • Exercise 3 times a week for 45 minutes with weights
  • Drink Fire Water: 1 TBSP fresh lemon juice, 1 pinch cayenne pepper, 1 TBSP honey. Add 12 oz. boiling water, mix, and sip. I have two a day.
  • Coffee, then breakfast of a smoothie of mixed fruit and veggies, or fresh fruit and yogurt. Often I eat fruit crumble topped with yogurt. (see recipe below!)
  • Enjoy a leisurely bath in a tub of essential oils (See the Aromatherapy Beauty Guide) My favorite oils to bathe with are either Patchouli, Sandalwood, or Lavander and I always add Epsom salts and a carrier oil to the bath water.
  • Of course, I always wash (Warsh!) my face with the Warsh Cloth for Her
  • I give myself a daily feather treatment with my own Microcurrent MDXminiPro (designed for use at home and available here!) and also feather in my own  Maxine Warsh Collagen Correction Black Label product—for 5-8 minutes. (It works wonders!)
  • Then I put on the day's makeup (As I age, I need more illumination. I like Illumalift Brightener and Concealer so much I started carrying this breakthrough makeup for my clients.)

As I seek more help to keep the youthful glow, I use the best experts in all related fields of natural anti-aging and introduce them to my clients. This year I introduced Dr. Biba to add Mesotherapy to the range of services. (For when you need a little more of an anti-aging boost, and if you're in the Toronto area—try Collagen MesoTherapy Lifts). The skin loves the collagen boost and the microcurrent maintains the long-lasting effects. Dr. Biba is also offering hyaluronic fillers when necessary. So subtle and oh so helpful...never say never! I love my work.

After work, I concentrate on the favorite part of my life, my husband. I love taking care of him and we both like our evenings together. While we try to eat our largest meal at lunch time, I concentrate on dinner with a healthy imagination and think about weight control. What we eat in the evening depends on what we had for lunch and whether we’re working out the next morning. Dinner is usually light and nutritious consisting of a salad as a meal or side dish, protein, and veggies. (I like to make cauliflower pizza--stay tuned for that great and healthy recipe--coming soon!)

And there’s always room for dessert!

Recipe: Healthy Berries Plus

  • Add a large amount of mixed berries to a baking dish
  • Top with 2/3 cup of almond flour, 1 heaping cup of oats, 3 heaping TBSP's coconut oil, 1/3 cup of maple syrup.
  • Mix this topping and coat the berries.
  • Bake in a 350 oven for 30 minutes.
  • Eat as a dessert and for breakfast. I often add nuts, seeds, and raisins as a topping.

“I don’t believe in “Beauty Secrets.” I believe in sharing since I love seeing everyone looking and feeling their best.” Maxine Warsh





Diet and skin tips

Skin care from the inside out

Make conscious food choices and go for an anti-inflammatory diet (tomatoes, olive oil, green leafy veg, nuts, salmon, tuna, sardines, blueberries, cherries... check what's good and what's not). Many of the foods that make up the Mediterranean diet are also anti-inflammatory and make it, too, great for weight loss, general health, and your skin. The anti-inflammatory diet minimizes breakouts and improves skin tone.

Plus, experts say that inflammation in your body contributes to a huge range of diseases and conditions from Parkinson's to Alzheimer's, cancers, arthritis, and more. Battling these prospects while you eat is only sensible.

Make fresh veggies and fruits part of your life. Your food choices have more of an impact on how you look and feel than you might think, now and in the future. (“Good, I hope,” says Maxine!).

So aim for nine to 10 servings of fruit and veg daily. Emphasize fresh food and variety always/avoid fast food and desserts, especially those you didn't make yourself. Have your Omega-3 fatty acids from fish, some nuts (walnuts, Brazil nuts, cashews...), even dark chocolate. Also make sure you get your full fibre allowance (from 25 to 40 grams)—not only from whole grains, barley, brown rice etc., but fruit and veggie as well, from eggplant to nuts, beans, bananas and blueberries. 

Another way to get the best from an anti-inflammatory diet is to spice it up. Make turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, garlic, cayenne, and even black pepper a part of your healthy body and skincare diet.

More tips

What turmeric does for you—see Marie Claire

Everything you need to know about inflammation.

What is the best way to keep your complexion fresh and buoyant? If you've been following Maxine Warsh for a while, you'll know that the key is to wash (Warsh!) your face with only water and the Warsh Cloth.