If you're in Toronto or the surrounding area—book an appointment at Maxine Warsh. We offer anti-aging treatment options without surgery including the MAX Lift with Collagen or Quick Lift with Cosmetic Microcurrent, MesoTherapy, plus professional-grade units to purchase and use at home or wherever you travel.

Maxine Warsh is the microcurrent expert: anti-aging without surgery! 

  • Choose from Collagen MAX Lifts or Quick Lifts with Cosmetic Microcurrent to give your face a deep workout to tone, lift, and tighten. Book one or a series—great for men and women.

  • With gentle Cosmetic Microcurrent there are no side effects except for your happy face in the mirror. Our clients love the results and we think you will, too.

Feel like yourself again — get your bounce back

Combat the look of aging without expensive surgical procedures and treat yourself to the best with a full Collagen MAX Lift in an hour at Maxine Warsh's anti-aging Toronto clinic. Or ask for the 30-minute Quick Lift when you're short on time.



The gentle and mild plumping effect from microcurrent is why it's often called ”The Electric Face Lift”  or “Mini Face Lift.” Once clients see the effect on wrinkles, creases, and glow, they sign up for the 12 MAX Lift treatments that are usually recommended. We advise maintenance once a month or so or whenever you need to look good.

The Cosmetic Microcurrent MAX Lift is a popular anti-aging treatment with over 12,000 happy faces treated to date. And there are no side effects except improvement, which may be why it's so popular with celebs and both sexes.

To experience the benefits of cosmetic microcurrent:

  • Gentle and safe and doesn't bruise or need downtime

  • Ideal for your face, hands, neck and décolleté

  • Skin feels toned, tighter, and firm

  • Acts on your skin like a tuneup at the gym

  • Great even if you've had injectables—seems to make them last longer!

  • Re-educate muscles, increase blood and lymph circulation

  • Enhance the penetration of the active ingredients of skin care formulations

  • Boost production of collagen and elastin

Try some R&R! Rejuvenate and revive the look and feel of your skin with microcurrent stimulation.

If you're not in the GTA, please connect to find out how you can DIY anti-aging at home with the MDX MiniPro for personal use.

OVER 12,000 Maxine Warsh clients rely on Cosmetic Microcurrent —commonly known as The Electric or “Mini” Face Lift— to look great (and feel absolutely marvelous!). 

And now there’s an innovative expansion to help you look as young and wonderful as you feel—and take it up a notch. Available alongside the Microcurrent MAX Lift and Quick Lift, Maxine Warsh is now able to offer access to the popular European clinical Meso MAX Lift.

European anti-aging treatment

This innovative treatment combines the skin plumping benefits of Microcurrent with the popular European clinical treatment of Mesotherapy.

Non-surgical and minimally invasive, Mesotherapy unites what is sometimes called facial acupuncture to the mesoderm with the anti-wrinkle and toning/tightening benefits of HA or Hyaluronic Acid.  

The result is that the skin hydrates from the inside out, for elasticity and to fill, firm, and smooth.

  • For naturally beautiful, plump and resilient skin— choose the Microcurrent MAX Lift treatment.

  • For the targeted benefits of non-allergenic and minimally invasive filler, choose the Meso Max Lift, which unites Microccurent and Mesotherapy.

Limited Time Offer: certain anti-aging treatments including MAX Lift, MAX Sustain, the MAX Lift, and MESOMAX LIFT Series are available at a special introductory price to all clients (new and existing) in celebration of our 16th anniversary! Thank you!

Cosmetic Microcurrent MAX Lift

1 x 60 minute Collagen Lift Microcurrent Treatment
$225 per treatment       NOW $175 per treatment



MAX Lift Rejuvenation Series

12 x 60 minute Collagen Lift Microcurrent Treatments
$2220 for 12 ($185 per)   NOW $1980 for 12 ($165 per)



Microcurrent MAX Sustain (best once a month)

12 x 60 minute Collagen Lift Microcurrent Treatments
$1995 for 12 ($165 per)    NOW $1800 FOR 12 ($150 per)



Quick Lift

The perfect Cosmetic Microcurrent treatment when you have only 30 minutes before a meeting or event where you need to look your best.         $99 per treatment

If you feel you need to kick your rejuvenation treatment up a notch, ask about the MESOMaxLift—see below. Maxine 

Therapy Protocol

The MESOMAX Lift Therapy Series consists of 12 Collagen Microcurrent Lifts plus 3 MESO Lifts

  • 12 Collagen Lift Treatments (Microcurrent) @ two per week for 6 weeks

  • MESO Lift Therapy with Hyaluronic begins two weeks later—and consists of two treatments every eight weeks*

  • This lasts for 6-12 months depending on the condition of your skin/lifestyle choices.

*Please allow eight weeks between successive MESOMAX Lift Therapy Treatments

$3000 for the MESOMAX Therapy Program    NOW $2565


Maintenance: It’s highly recommended that you carry on with MAX Sustain (Microcurrent) starting two weeks after your last MESOMAX Lift appointment and then once a month to continue the benefits. 

The MAX Sustain program is available for:
$1995 for 12 ($165 per)        NOW $1620 for 12 ($135 per)

Related services—on request

1 Hyaluronic Treatment—$275 per

! Hyaluronic Treatment +
MAXLift Microcurrent Follow Up$500     NOW $399

MAXLIFT MESO with Microcurrent Maintenance:

3 Hyaluronic Treatments plus 12x60 minute maintenance Collagen MAX Lift Microcurrent Treatments  $2500    NOW $2445


If you'd like more information about MESOMAX or Microcurrent Therapy or to discuss an appointment, please contact Maxine.

In Toronto, book an appointment at Maxine Warsh Facial Rejuvenation to look and feel good—through hands-on anti-aging and rejuvenation techniques that work on the inside and out!

 Now Available—Restore and Renew: Rejuvenate Your Inner and Outer Self 

 Sign Up for the Access Bars Session Solo Treatment with Maxine Warsh $99

p.s. What is an Access Bars Session? Access Bars is a simple body process. A practitioner lightly connects with your “Access Bars.”  These are at 32 points on the head.  Clients finds the process eases a way into accessing/transforming life from the inside out with anxiety, stress, sleep, health, and so much more. Call 416 221-0568 to book your first Access Bars or Access Bars with Microcurrent Anti-Aging appointment.

Microcurrent Lift Rejuvenation Series with Access Bars Sessions -
1 & 1/2 hrs per visit                      Series of 12 $2400 ($200 per)

Now offering a single Access Bars Session plus a Microcurrent Quick Lift treatment:            $245 for 1 & 1/2 hr session

If you're not in the GTA, please connect to find locations or ask about how you can DIY anti-aging at home with the MDX MiniPro for personal use.


Eliminate the worry factor with Anti-aging Cosmetic Microcurrent that's easy, effective, and non-surgical.


Maxine Warsh on how she got started in the natural face care and anti-aging business, with Randall Craig of Professionally Speaking TV.

Maxine Warsh on how she got started in the natural face care and anti-aging business, with Randall Craig of Professionally Speaking TV.

More about microcurrent and slowing the look of aging — 

Maxine was inspired by personal experience and the transformative potential of microcurrent technology to give a youthful glow and a bouncy thick skin feel. The effect can be life changing. This is why Maxine developed her signature system of non-invasive electric facelifts.

  • Available at the Maxine Warsh Toronto HQ and through licensed practitioners

“It works with any complexion, and it is never too late (or soon!) to start, or to look good and feel great. I think it is rejuvenating for your confidence and your life."

Reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles

Cosmetic microcurrent is designed to boost facial circulation and rejuvenate at the cellular level, minimizing the look of fine lines and wrinkles.


"It's like going to the gym to build your muscles. Firming and toning, tightening, sculpting, and contouring—treat yourself to a happy face and arm your skin against the negative effects of time with amazing results. Restore your self-esteem. I think of it as a healing technology." Maxine.


More about MESOTherapy

Meso means middle or intermediate—delivering the benefits of HA into the skin, it draws moisture from the skin to the deeper layers to, in effect, fill out the wrinkles from the inside out. By filling the gap “between the fibers of collagen and elastin” the treatment is designed to stimulate collagen production and create a cushiony effect

How the MESO Lift works

Similar to acupuncture, the Meso MAX “skin pricking” technique is barely noticeable. It is generally applied to the “T” zone—the eyebrow crease, lateral frontal wrinkles, nasolabial folds, and chin area. The Meso MAX Lift effect generally lasts for 6 to 12 months depending on the individual.

In line with our philosophy of using only products that are as natural as possible, the HA is bio-synthetic and non-allergenic. The treatment is undertaken by a European-licensed MD who trains others in these popular treatments in the US and Europe. 



“My engineers built on the science of my professional microcurrent unit to create the MDXminiPRO. Clients wanted a way to take me (aka my microcurrent!) on their travels or when they couldn’t drop in. Now, anyone can do anti-aging the professional way at home.”


Do-It-Yourself Anti-Aging

Use microcurrent when you need a quick plump anti-aging boost to give your skin buoyancy, depth, tone, and that certain springiness that people notice. The DIY MDX MiniPro for use at home has the same technology as the professional version.

The treatment is great for your face, hands (where age seems to show first) and your neck and dec. It's popular with both sexes and you can start at any age — the earlier, the better, although 40 to 50 is prime time.

Your skin feels thicker and full. The effect is cumulative — even give yourself a quick 'feather' treatment daily in a few minutes (as Maxine does!) and look great whenever you need to.

Or DIY the full Monty every few weeks or so.

The MDX MiniPro offers the same features as the Maxine Warsh Pro model — but it’s smaller, lighter, easily portable — and perfect to use at home or on your travels — whenever you need to look your best.

Easy To Do it Yourself Microcurrent face lift.  MDX MiniPro, DVD and Illustrated Manual.

Easy To Do it Yourself Microcurrent face lift.

MDX MiniPro, DVD and Illustrated Manual.

Maintain your youthful glow and keep your skin looking its very best and do it all in private. Look and feel great for every date and every meeting, or just for you. The MDX MiniPro comes with a handy DVD guide and illustrated booklet 

MDX MiniPro with DVD & Illustrated Manual

$1750     NOW $1499*

Save with the Celebrate our 15th Anniversary Special!    Contact to order

Treatment Series & Training & MDX MiniPro

$3500        Save $500!   NOW $2999.99* 

Pay us a visit and learn anti-aging from the expert:
A 12 Lift Series with instruction from Maxine Warsh & DIY MDX MiniPro unit for anti-aging at home (save $500 when you buy treatment and the DIY MDXMiniPro)

* Save with the Celebrate our 15th Anniversary Special!

Questions or to order? Contact Maxine — and to check when the next training session starts.


“I was fortunate enough to receive my first Warsh Cloth for free in a gift bag. Much to my surprise...after only my first wash I knew I was in love! I immediately went on the website to order a dozen more so have a fresh one for twice a day. My skin has never looked better, free of dry flaky bits and clearer than ever…If you only ordered a few, just go back and get more because you won't be able to use a regular face cloth ever again! Your most grateful customer…”

— Sandra Milligan, Boxx Cosmetics