Train as an anti-aging beauty specialist:

  1. Quick launch business
  2. Easy, budget-friendly startup
  3. Fast growing and glamorous field
  4. Expanding demographic

A small investment & you're in the beauty business!

Join The Warsh Team of anti-aging pros @ the click of your mouse... if you're interested in a new or second career, you can work for yourself and be customer-ready in two weeks.

Make your own future

Train as an anti-aging beauty specialist in a quick launch business—an easy and budget-friendly startup in a fast growing and glamorous field. 

  • Be customer-ready for your new career or business in two weeks
  • No experience required with options for any budget (including rent-to-own)
  • Minimum investment and risk—very affordable and great rewards
  • Learn the skills to be a success in the expanding anti-aging field
  • Clients keep coming back to maintain
  • Work part or full-time as an anti-aging therapist—set your own hours and fees
  • It's easy, it's quick, and it's a great way to make a living on your own terms
  • Apply now to change your life and career for the better with Maxine Warsh in the exciting and people-friendly beauty business
  • Choose your own future

“The cosmetic microcurrent business has been rewarding for me in so many ways that I wanted to give others the opportunity to follow in my footsteps and launch a successful, profitable business. 

My successful model will save you time and money because you are not launching an untested business. My techniques have been perfected, so you can hit the ground running.”


Are you ready to switch careers or be your own boss?

Specialize in helping people feel better and look good. Work from home, in salons, spas, or start your own. Start now. Be your own boss in two weeks.

“I'd love to help you boost your lifestyle, make money, and learn how to be a success working for yourself in this very glamorous and growing field.”

If you're interested in this business opportunity and would like assistance with financing, please contact Medicard.

Medicard povides online financing for medical services and training.

  • Work with people interested in health, well-being, and success
  • Train on MDX3000 Microcurrent with Maxine Warsh
  • Clients come back again and again
  • Train to do what everyone calls the “Electric Face Lift”
  • Offer the best-selling WARSH Cloth--another great attraction for repeat clients!
  • Train for $2500 — plus buy or rent-to-own the MDX 3000 

Learn how she does it from Maxine Warsh, have fun, and feel good about what you do for a living! Questions or want to get started? Contact Maxine!


Helping women feel wonderful- one complexion at a time

“Buying a turnkey business from Maxine Warsh was the best decision I could have made for myself! There are many devices and products out there, but what made it a viable business that I could get excited about was Maxine’s style of training—encouraging, guiding, and correcting with kindness to help me reach the high standards she holds herself to. I was gifted with Maxine as my mentor! Thank you, Maxine!”

—Michelle Romanica at Great Lakes Dermatology, Wisconsin