Wear Less Makeup--Less is More

“I’m a great lover of anti-aging microcurrent treatment. My Quick Lift and MAX Lift are designed to help you look and feel better—with no after effects except looking great because it is non-invasive, leaves no scars or bruising—and no downtime. Another advantage of microcurrent treatment is you can go with less makeup!

“I also like the less is more rule... Model and makeup expert Cindy Joseph supported the less is more mantra, saying that— “In wearing less makeup, you show the world that you’re confident in who you are.”

And if you can’t feel the freedom of being and showing who you are as a mature person—over 50, under 50, wherever you happen to be—when will you be secure enough to simply show off you?

This doesn’t mean you have to go bare skin everywhere/all the time—or even doing without the boost to your attitude and general wellness that “natural microcurrent anti-aging” gives. Knowing we look good often makes us feel good—that’s a big motivator behind the fashion industry and it seems to work!

The Natural Microcurrent Glow

The well kept secret of microcurrent is that it gets your “glow” on naturally. The need for makeup is less. You save time and money...

Extreme Wellness

It’s also believed to do more for your system. As the skin’s cellular memory becomes more familiar with microcurrent, the treatment value seems to be compounded. Not only does your face glow but your entire body benefits from a virtual passive massage.

“The overall feeling from a facial microcurrent treatment, I think, is a state of relaxed well being or extreme wellness. The physical sign is a more youthful looking, plump-feeling skin.—with bounce and glow!”

Who wants to cover this natural glow with makeup? And, according to Cindy Joseph, why should we?

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