What's a natural ‘Face Lift’ and will it rejuvenate me?

Microcurrent for skin rejuvenation

Youthful and vitality go together like health and well being, which may explain the ever-increasing popularity of cosmetic microcurrent for facial rejuvenation.
This ultra gentle and ultra simple anti-aging treatment used to be ultra secret. But with interest growing from baby boomers (of both sexes!) in being ultra ageless, it's not a secret anymore. Celebs love it—there are no after effects/scars, bruising, or wait times before you can go out in public—and the word is starting to get around about how effective it is for anti-aging, now and as a cumulative process.

Once people see this unique cosmetic microcurrent technology chase away wrinkles and creases to give a definite youthful glow, they don't need much persuasion. Clients like that it gives a bouncy, thicker feel to the skin, is non-invasive, has no bruising, down time, or side effects except improvement. This may be why it’s popular with those in the public eye, and why thousands have been given to our Toronto clients.

“I believe that people should do this to look and feel their best for now and for later. Consider it a preventative health measure. When we look good, we feel good. It’s popular now only with our main customer base—40 and up—but younger customers starting to see little crinkles and wrinkes are coming in, too—for prevenative anti-aging.”

This unique system of cosmetic microcurrent therapy is also applied to the hands, neck, and décolleté, where age is hard to hide. Treatment usually consists of 12 visits. A monthly booster keeps you feeling and looking fantastic. The benefits are cumulative so the earlier you start the better, but it’s never too late. Average client age is 51.

Cosmetic microcurrent grew out of applications to reduce atrophy for Bell’s palsy and stroke victims when its use showed, almost by accident, skin renewal properties. Treatment often helps with rosacea and blemish-prone complexions. It works on the same principle as training muscles in the gym to keep us functional and youthful and the same way exercise tunes and tones your body to plump the skin from the inside out.

Cosmetic microcurrent facial rejuvenation is the treatment a growing number of clients choose to look naturally revitalized, youthful, fresh, and wonderful!

It’s rejuvenating. And it's much more fun, and definitely more relaxing, than going under the knife.