Walking—is it the best exercise?

Here we are with our friends and neighbors, Zina and Henry, on our weekly Sunday walk. Weather allowing, we venture out for long distances and adventures to be able to enjoy a wonderful brunch after!


Walking has been my go to exercise since Jr high school when I realized the benefits for digestion and mood enhancing. Since I grew up in Miami, I was able to go to the beach and walk barefoot at the ocean shore regularly., which had the added benefit that I sported a healthy tan and a fit figure(!)


Walking barefoot is one of the best and easiest activities you can do that helps your overall fitness and health in a lot of ways. Because you’re focusing on every step (to avoid hazards, sharp stones, etc.) this tends to quiet your “inner chatter” so you concentrate on the here and now. Walking barefoot also strengthens and stretches tendons, muscles, and ligaments in your feet, calves, and ankles. And according to the excellent health and wellness guide MindBodyGreen, this functions like free foot yoga and a free reflexology session rolled into one! It also helps ease your anxieties, likely assists you to get a good night’s sleep—and connect with the world outside and mother nature in a brief time with minimal exertion. See more on the benefits of going barefoot.

When I was single, my favorite dates were ones that included walking (and dancing!—sometimes barefoot).


Today, when my girlfriends want to get together, walking dates are always a first choice. It’s a great way to get our exercise and to catch up with each other—in more ways than one. There are so many places to choose from—since I live in Ontario, near the top of my list of goals and destinations is to explore the Bruce Trail, one of the 10 best hiking trials in the world. What a great achievement it would be to accomplish this walk.


Speaking of achievements, I’d like to mention that my friend Jeanne has joined pilgrims from all over the world in walking the Camino de Santiago. Whichever route is taken to this historic spot in Northern Spain—it’s sure to be a profound experience and a special journey. My friend Michelle shared her adventures on the Camino a few years ago.

Whether you choose a very long walk—from the Bruce Trail to the Camino—or a short hike with your friends or alone on the beach—it will be good for your health and state of mind on all levels!

Anyone up for a walk?