Is Stretching Anti-Aging?

The secret to sleeping well

“Because I wasn’t getting good restful sleep, I was starting to see an increase of under eye bags and listless skin. I tried everything I knew to correct these issues from diet, to massage, to homeopathic remedies. Nothing worked. Then I decided I wasn’t physically tired enough when I went to sleep, so I decided to exercise more. 

Stretching to feel better

“Years ago, I discovered a lifestyle that included a macrobiotic diet. It was healthy, interesting, and healing all at the same time. I loved the food and enjoyed the new journey with the Macrobiotic Society of Coconut Grove, Florida. 

“Not only was the food delicious, the gentle exercises were very soothing and made me feel calm and clear. I started doing Meridian Stretches irregularly, then regularly, 30 years ago and never looked back. I used them as yoga warm ups and taught them to hundreds of students over the years. 

“Between long walks, stretching, and weight training I knew I was getting enough exercise... but something needed tweaking. That something turned out to be HOLDING the stretches and doing them in the evening, close to bedtime. After the first night, I actually slept better! And every night, after I have continued to sleep better and better! Plus, the eye bags started disappearing and my skin started glowing again—not to mention my energy levels, strength, and body tone improved!!!

“The secret really is in the sauce. I hold each stretch for 10 seconds. There are seven dynamic movements that are done 10 times each. Instead of releasing from the movement immediately, I hold the stretch for 10 seconds.

“Interestingly, I noticed results quickly. So I researched the benefits of stretching and found exactly what I was experiencing.”

Stretching is good for you inside and out

And, of course, stretching is anti-aging. It’s great for your fitness level and toning, helps your joints to stay supple and in good working order, and your body to maintain flexibility and keeps you in good health, helping in the fight to reduce cholesterol levels and improve circulation—and those are just a few of the benefits… Plus, now we know, stretching helps you to sleep better!

Maxine—the anti-aging (and stretch/sleep) expert!!

Note: to my Toronto customers, let me know if you’d like me to show you these simple stretches!