Enhancing naturally—maturing with MAXAppeal


“The pro-aging industry and my approach to it is all about rejuvenation and refreshing. I believe wholeheartedly that when you look good you feel good and vice versa. The Face Talk blog and posts often talk about how and what to do to help inside—from the foods you eat to the exercises you choose—because this also helps on the outside. Feel Better and Look Better, aka The Age Less Revolution, is a Maxine Warsh mantra!


“But now that I'm approaching "senior status" on my next birthday, I've had an eye-opener. I must admit I never experienced the angst a birthday number can cause. I never understood those who had issues with age—until now! For some reason, the passage to 65 is a challenge. That said, I wouldn't change who I am at this time for all the youthful appearances promised by all the anti-aging products and procedures that exist. I'm finally able to relax and feel that I can see myself as who I am and be very happy to be that person.

“My take on maturity is about being comfortable in your own skin and liking who you are, while not judging anyone or caring what others think of you! If it took 65 years to get to this place, then so be it. It was worth all the life experiences it took to get here.


“I will continue to do all I can to look my best age-appropriate self naturally and I will be honored to continue to serve clients who want to look their youthful selves naturally. I won't try to be anyone I'm not, nor compare myself to anyone who I see as "prettier," "smarter," "more successful," etc. I have heard that "you can have everything in life, but not all at once" and I expect this is true! 

“So, that's my view of pro-aging as I reach that certain age... I hope this will replace any angst about aging with the satisfaction of maturity and knowing that I do have everything!” Maxine

p.s. My anti-aging/pro-aging(!) treatments fill the lines and wrinkles and plump up your skin. 
But it's the proactive spirit of pro-aging and of being happy with where and who you are now that has the most effect on what I call The Age Less Revolution, aka feeling great and looking good. Stay tuned for more on this topic!