In Favor of Pro-Aging

Some people call it pro-aging. Others call it healthy living or thinking positively or with satisfaction of your own aging process—whatever the words you use, chances are it will help you live longer and better.

Thinking positive helps longevity

A Harvard and Yale study showed that participants with a positive outlook on aging—who felt happy and useful—lived on average seven and a half years longer. Positive thinking about aging had more of an impact on aging than blood pressure, your BMI, how much you exercised, or your cholesterol levels.

In another key study, participants with positive perceptions about aging and capabilities, regardless of their health at the start, were better able to carry out daily activities over an 18 year period. 

“Wow,” says aging expert Maxine Warsh. “If that's not an excellent reason to focus on pro-aging instead of anti-aging, I don't know what is! To me, pro-aging is about a healthy attitude and living a healthy lifestyle—living out loud and fully.

 A healthy diet and lifestyle are key components of pro-aging—but a positive attitude to your own aging process is even more important.

A healthy diet and lifestyle are key components of pro-aging—but a positive attitude to your own aging process is even more important.

Live for today (and tomorrow!)

“It’s being all you can be with confidence, grace, and gratitude about who you are now. Yesterday is history. If you were true to yourself yesterday then you are true to yourself today. Pro-aging is about getting out of bed with gratitude at being alive to enjoy another day of being all you can be —to own the day and your life without excuses.

“We aren’t getting any younger, and why would you want to? The glow of youth is now replaced by the beauty of experience and knowledge. I wouldn’t change places with my younger self for all the toned muscles my body use to boast. I don’t know that person anymore. I love me now and where I’m going. This isn’t to say I will ever stop taking care of myself, my health, and my appearance. I value pro-aging too much to ever grow old. I was recently in Miami visiting my 91-year-old mother who is still youthful and not defined by her number. Good for you, Mom.

“Last week we had company from out of country. Of course, we did the Canadian tour to Niagara Falls and the outlet malls! I love Saks Off the Fifth (the American in me) and found another black purse I had to have! Plus, there was a better discount if I signed up for a credit card. Well, who wouldn’t? I gave my sales woman my Drivers License and as she was taking my information she asked what I did for a living. I told her I was self-employed for the sake of the questionnaire. She wanted to know what my profession was. I told her I was in anti-aging/skin care. She wanted to know exactly what and how and where she could buy it, because “I noticed the age on your drivers license and I’m two years younger than you, but you look 10 years younger than me!”

“I thanked her and told her about my website. Was I flattered? I was...not because she thought I looked younger, but because I was happy that my approach to life was having such a great effect! I take care of myself the best way I know how to. (And I have to admit that I am pleased that my skincare products and daily regimen that I developed to help others with aging or pro-aging work so well!).

“I’m not competing with anyone. I make no apologies for doing what I do to try to look as good and healthy as I feel. I no longer feel like I have to excuse myself for being all I can be, especially when I offer a service to help everyone be pro-aging, too. This is my lifestyle and I like that it works. I hope everyone finds the pro in their aging experience. My advice is to live out loud in the happiest, healthiest way—try to love who you are and where you're at and, of course, think positive. It really is good for your health!” Maxine Warsh

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