Wednesdays with the Warsh's!

At the ROM for a visit to the  Iris van Herpen Transforming Fashion  Exhibit.

At the ROM for a visit to the Iris van Herpen Transforming Fashion Exhibit.


The fabulous Wednesdays with the Warsh's continue!

Iris van Herpen Exhibit—

Our amazing Wednesday this week saw us at the ROM for a visit to the Iris van Herpen Transforming Fashion Exhibit. We spent over three hours at the ROM and really enjoyed our visit. It surprises me how every week just gets better. I always say, “This was my favorite WWtW’s”...and then I hear myself say it again the following week and have to laugh!

“But one thing that stays constant...we usually end up at Parallel. This time we went for dinner instead of lunch, and the menu was wonderful! Next time, we need to take more people with us so we can order more of a variety...anybody want to join us--let me know!” Maxine



We enjoyed another wonderful Wednesday With the Warsh's this week at The Banksy Exhibition—a thought provoking exhibit in so many ways, from the marketing to the publicity to the artist. The Banksy Exhibit was well worth the price of admission for the amazing stimulation!


At the Edgy Elegance Jewelry House Party!

At the Edgy Elegance Jewelry House Party!

This week (6/20) we had a personal/professional day on Wednesday and enjoyed sound meditation sessions with Ann and Liam of (love the good vibrations!). Then, as part of my aging backward approach and following my passion, we carried on having fun. I have followed through on my fascination for jewelry and making necklaces and bracelets for fun (and profit!). I had my first showing at the Edgy Elegance Jewelry House Party at Palace Pier. Another marvelous Wednesday With the Warsh's!

Lunch at Restoration Hardware!

Lunch at Restoration Hardware!

This week's Wednesday with the Warsh's (6/13) turned out to be a TCB (taking care of business) day off, thanks to mother nature. We had promised ourselves we would review our financial well-being and do some future planning on the first rainy Wednesday—and this week was it!

Here we are after a leisurely morning enjoying a lovely lunch at the beautiful restaurant at Restoration Hardware. Summer is so precious and short—especially this far north—I feel blessed to be able to take advantage of our Wednesdays!” Maxine 


This week we went on a walking tour around town--it was such a gorgeous day. We took the subway to Queen Street and window shopped our way north into Yorkville for lunch at Nervosa.

The latest Wednesday with the Warsh's took us to Trattoria Nervosa in Yorkville!

The latest Wednesday with the Warsh's took us to Trattoria Nervosa in Yorkville!

While lunching we decided to see the Banksy art exhibit and the Yorkville Jazz Festival on the 27th (for more relaxing time with the Warsh's!). When walking through Yorkville, we bumped into friends we hadn't seen in ages. Then we decided to go to the movies and, before you know it, another delightful day turned to evening. Now we start to plan for next Wednesday! Any suggestions? 


For the latest adventure and special day out, my husband surprised me with a matinée at The Shaw Festival to see an excellent show and (of course!) a very tasty lunch out!


Three weeks ago, my handsome husband came home and told me he'd like us to take Wednesdays off to do all the things we talk about doing and never have time to do. I'm happy to report we started our midweek outings this week.


To be honest, there is so much I want to do I couldn't decide what to do first. So David suggested the Aga Kahn Museum, and I was delighted. A rich cultural display of art, beauty, and history that is unique unto itself. 

Here we are in front of the gift shop, that has a unique display of wonderful, pricey but useful items. I especially loved the perfume bottles. And I will definitely be returning to try the restaurant.


We had heard about a new Mediterranean restaurant called Parallel that caught our interest, so we skipped eating at the Aga Kahn Museum and headed over to Dufferin and DuPont (this is in Toronto for those of you who are local or planning to visit!) to an industrial area that is trending with old and new businesses. This meal was definitely worth fighting traffic for. All I can say is food ever. So fresh and (is there a word that's better than delicious?) Very friendly staff and great artsy atmosphere. Did I say how great the food was


Fabulous lunch at Parallel in Toronto!

Fabulous lunch at Parallel in Toronto!

I have to admit, taking a midweek day off made me a bit uneasy... but the idea of spending some special time with my best friend seemed like such a romantic notion that I got into the spirit of semi-retirement for a day and enjoyed our new tradition beyond my expectations. Can't wait till next week!

My advice is to always take the time to smell the roses—or in my case, take a wonderful time out from the daily schedule—it's good for you in so many ways. (See the Face Talk posts on how sharing time with friends and loved ones helps not only your well-being but your long-term health if you need a reason to step back from the day-to-day!)

p.s. I have no intentions of retiring (EVER!!!!)