This Week at Miss World Canada

We participate at or sponsor a number of events throughout the year and are very pleased to be a sponsor at this year's Miss World Canada.

“I love having the opportunity to meet so many lovely and charming people and to introduce the Miss World Canada candidates to the fantastic benefits of The Warsh Cloth!”

Thanks to Miss World Canada candidate Kayla Truax for such a great testimonial!

“As a beauty pageant girl, makeup is very important and so is a nice, clean, exfoliated, acne-free face! I found it extremely hard to always have makeup on and to stay away from harsh chemicals that would age and be harsh on my skin when removing it and trying to accomplish all of the above.

“Thankfully I tried the Warsh Cloth and fell in love! It's extremely easy to use; just put it under some warm water and start removing your makeup/sweat, etc! It works the first time, and not to mention, it's ECO-friendly AND saves you money in the long run! I highly suggest the Warsh Cloth as it ACTUALLY works to remove makeup, exfoliate, and to do SO much more!”


Kayla Truax