Baby wipes and chemicals

Chemicals could be responsible for an epidemic of skin allergies, say experts. The preservative— MI—is used in a wide range of products including makeup and baby wipes, and is reported to cause contact allergies, according to a UK report.

Contact dermatitis and eczema are reported as the most common results. Avoid MI whenever you can.

Soap and dermatitis

The National Eczema Association defines contact dermatitis as inflammation of the skin and solutions they recommend include not using soap and avoiding cleansers, especially when outbreaks occur.

Avoid baby wipes 

The chemicals in baby wipes are believed to be a big cause of dryness, irritation, and allergies—exactly the issues you want to avoid with a baby or toddler.

“Because the Baby WARSH Cloth cleans tender skin with water only—it's great for cleaning, swishing round all the folds and nooks and crannies around baby's arms, legs, neck, and elsewhere—I highly recommend it. They're great for goody bags and shower and new baby gifts and help get parent (and baby!) off on the right road to natural, careful skin care.” Maxine

Cleaning with water—the fibers are designed to do an excellent job without chemicals— doesn't cause allergies or dryness—and helps avoid these issues—and your baby will feel a lot happier!

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