Diet is key to youthful, glowing, healthy skin.

Diet is key to youthful, glowing, healthy skin.

Eat Your Fruit and Veggies (and Spices!)

It's summer and that means you're probably showing more skin. Substitute fruit and veggies for baked goods. Banish take out from your diet and reduce carbs and you'll begin to see a real difference in how you look uncovered--and how you feel. Besides the benefits to your fitness level and capability, general outlook when you know you're doing something good for you and your health, you'll see an improvement in skin tone, look, and feel.

Make your first stop in the supermarket the produce aisle.

It will make a difference if you eat the five or six fruit and veggie servings a day the experts recommend, says natural skin care advocate Maxine Warsh.

“And also think anti-inflammatory foods and spices—think cinnamon, chili pepper, turmeric... They make a big difference to how well your body works, to your propensity for certain cancers, heart and stroke issues--and also your anti-aging routine.”

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