Anti-Aging Hairstyles

Anti-aging hairstyles refresh your look and may help you feel more confident at work and at play!

Making sure your crowning glory looks glorious and works to hide those facial imperfections that you don't like can have immediate anti-aging effects and is not that hard to do. 

How to Hide Chin Lines

Give spice to your life and ask your stylist for an anti-aging hiarcut. If they say, “what's that?” suggestions include layers up  top for volume to detract from jowly chin lines

“I always like to point out, at this point,” says Maxine, “that microcurrent treatment, which I provide if you're near Toronto and also offer a unit to purchase so you can give professional anti-aging DIY at home, helps with this!”
Change Hair Color?

Don't go for layers if your hair is thinning, however--it just makes it wispy and look flyaway and that's not what you should be going for. Or you may need a charge of fresh color to brighten you up. Women usually think we should go lighter as we go grey—but this is sometimes a wrong move. Darker gives a nice contrast, although not too dark. Keeping in your natural range also helps you feel more authentically you.  Another anti-aging tip is to go softer to frame the face. Add length to hide droops and sags, maybe even just a few wisps will do it.  Thick hair can overwhelm your lovely face. A good stylist may make all the difference, so try not to economize on this important step.

See some simple tips with before and after pix from Good Housekeeping.

Do you Have a 20-Year-Old Hairstyle?

It's not a good idea to keep the style you had at 20. This rarely works when you're 40 or 50—so sometimes a little tweak is in order. If you haven't tweaked lately, give it a try!

In a future post, we'll include tips on how to hide not-so-stellar complexions/brown spots and other signs of age plus more on how to create the skin you want to see in your mirror. Stay tuned! An excellent place to start is to always wash (WARSH!) with water only.

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